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For questions related to the emissions of exhaust gasses and particles by aircraft.

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Has there been any attempt to use an underground cable system, a la a cable car, to tow aircraft along taxiways? [duplicate]

I've been looking at some proposals to try to reduce the time that an airliner's main engines are run at idle or near idle when taxiing to and from runways--a situation that uses non-trivial amounts ...
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External Batteries [closed]

As a part of a project for a class we were tasked with trying to cut emissions/energy waste of airplanes. Now we've realized that running the apu on the ground at the gate and taxiing is a serious ...
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Can we trade some efficiency to curb high-altitude emissions?

Considering our problematic issues, Emissions at high altitude Contrails ~10,000 premature deaths per year from airline emissions This is an area of concern where it's worth asking some stupid ...
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Can the removal of a duty-free sales trolley result in a measurable reduction in emissions?

Recently, SAS announced that: Withdrawing tax-free sales will reduce the overall weight of the aircraft, which in turn will reduce fuel consumption and emissions. I could buy that this might be a ...
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Would it be viable to use jet blast deflectors as a power source?

From an environmental point of view would installation of windmills just before jet blast deflectors provide enough power to power up all machinery at airports? How much of a reduction in reliance on ...
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What is TAPS in this report?

In researching for this question, I came across some reports from EASA referring to TAPS. What is the meaning of TAPS in this context?
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How much pollution is created by an airplane taking off?

I read on a site that a 747 taking off emits the same amount of air pollution in the first 5 miles or so as 3000 cars. This seems extreme (accepting that the cars will be average). Are there any ...
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