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An emergency is any situation that threatens the safety of an aircraft, the people on board it, or people on the ground.

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Why are emergency parachutes for pilots so heavy?

Parachute technology doesn't seem to have got much lighter in the past few decades. It seems that most emergency parachutes designed for pilots still weigh about 15 lb. And yet a Cirrus BRS designed ...
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Are airliners designed to land safely with no undercarriage deployed?

Complete undercarriage failure ("belly landing") is very rare in large passenger aircraft, but not unprecedented. (source) I would imagine it would be fairly easy to predict which part of ...
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Why does the FAA ban preboarding passengers from sitting in emergency-exit rows?

Of the several restrictions every U.S. airline passenger knows about regarding who can and can’t sit in an aircraft’s emergency-exit rows (no one under 15, or physically disabled, or travelling with ...
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Is it permissible to have exit row with ordinary seat spacing?

I was recently flying a flight with an exit row seat on the overwing exit. I was expecting increased seat spacing for this row but to my surprise the seat spacing seemed exactly the same as rows ahead ...
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