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An inflatable slide for evacuating an aircraft quickly.

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Making a plane fit to fly after accidental emergency exit / slide deployment

Every so often there is a report of a person openening an ( armed ) emergency exit unauthorised on the ground leading to a slide deployment. Often this is followed by the flight leaving after ...
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Why do almost all overwing exit slides open over the trailing edge of the wings, and almost none over the leading edge?

Almost all narrowbody jetliners, and many widebodies as well, use overwing exits to augment their evacuation capabilities; to escape the aircraft, a passenger or crewmember in the exit row pops the ...
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What is the maximal altitude at which an emergency slide can be deployed?

If I understand correctly, the mechanism to inflate an emergency slide relies on a tank of inert gas and on an "aspirator" that sucks ambient air. This aspirator works thanks to depression ...
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How do I have to fold a emergency slide so it can be reused?

I have the opportunity to buy a never used emergency slide from an Airbus A320 for cheap. So I need to know how they can be reused and how to deflate and repack them so I can use it for another time.
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If pure N2 (not gas generator) is used for evacuation slides, why is CO2 still needed?

In the answers to Aircraft Emergency Evacuation slide inflation system: Why is a mixture of CO2 & N2 used instead of pure N2?, it's mentioned that the nitrogen comes from a gas generator. Yet the ...
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Can the overwing exit slide be used when ditching in an A320?

I want to ask if an overwing exit slide in an Airbus A320 can be opened at all when landing or ditching. Is the exit still usable? Or it is blocked and we have to move the passenger to another one? ...
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Can the emergency slide be re-used after it has been deployed?

Can the emergency slides be re-used and re-packed after they have been deployed, assuming no damage is done? For example, I heard of a case where the slide was accidentally deployed due to opening of ...
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Are there any safety mechanisms to prevent emergency slides deploying inside an aircraft?

Does this kind of situation happen, or is this a test situation? Are there mechanisms to prevent inward deployment of emergency slides?
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Is it a standard procedure to use emergency slides without imminent danger?

On 11 Jun 2017 Easyjet U23246 from Ljubljana to London Stansted diverted to Cologne-Bonn over a "suspicious conversation". All passengers were evacuated using the emergency slides, see BBC Video. ...
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Aircraft Emergency Evacuation slide inflation system: Why is a mixture of CO2 & N2 used instead of pure N2?

I was intrigued knowing from this SE-Aviation post that modern, aircraft Emergency Evacuation-Slide inflation-cylinders are often filled with a CO2+N2 mixture. See here: Which gas is used to fill ...
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