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When is it appropriate to foam a landing strip? (example JB292)

Background: I recently watched the Channel5 documentary on JetBlue 292 with their famous sideways landing gear. At around the 8:00-mark you see footage of the actual landing: Main landing gear intact ...
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Do airport fire departments have to have airstairs?

On the video of the JetBlue 292 landing (at 4:27), one of the first emergency vehicles to approach the Airbus is a fire department airstair. I've never seen a fire department with its own airstair. I ...
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Could a plane land on specialized vehicles if its landing gear failed?

This (fake) video has stirred up a lot of questions online about whether such a scenario would be possible in reality - and the answer to those questions appears to be a resounding "No, that's very ...
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Who pays for Rescue response?

When a plane has equipment failure, or any number of other issues, they may declare an emergency. Quite often, one result of that is that the fire and/or rescue vehicles at the airport will be ...
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Why does ATC ask emergency aircraft about fuel on board?

From what I hear, it looks like it's a standard procedure that ATC asks about fuel on board whenever an aircraft declares an emergency. Do they need the information for their own planning purpose or ...
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How do fire crews handle hot brakes?

Let suppose an emergency aircraft has made an overweight landing. The brakes are white hot, and the fire crews are requested to be on scene. What can be done about the hot brakes? Can they just shoot ...
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What priority if any is given to Emergency Services in flight clearance?

When requesting takeoff/landing and route clearance is any priority given to Emergency Services IE air ambulances, firefighting rigs, S&R etc. I'm assuming even though these services rise to the ...
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Is it legal to build and fly an international aid drone?

Is it legal to build and fly a scale 1m:20cm Boeing C-17 for use in flying from the U.K. to other countries to deliver aid in places that are hard to reach? For example, on top of a large hill where ...
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Do "water bomber" aircraft pilots have more relaxed rules?

I have no exposure to aviation regulations, but I'm curious if some rules are different for emergency aircraft pilots. Similar to ambulance drivers and police officers being allowed to speed or run ...
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Do services still apply foam carpet on belly landings?

From decades I have been reading that, fire services would spray foam on the runway, in order to avoid fire, on a belly landing. Is this procedure still being used? If not, what would be the safest ...
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What callsign would a medical emergency flight use?

I see medical emergency helicopters taking off and landing several times a day from the hospital near my office. As I understand from an earlier question, they are probably flying VFR, below ...
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Why are there no parachutes to carry the aeroplanes in case of serious accidents? [duplicate]

Sometimes I wonder why the manufacturers do not design a big parachute to carry the aeroplanes when serious accidents occur. Perhaps the high cost is the reason?! But is it more expensive than a human ...
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How are the "medical communication" headset sockets on some airliners used?

I was recently on a flight during which a passenger had a medical emergency. The passenger vomited and was reportedly unconscious. The aircraft was either a Boeing 737-700 or 737-800. I'm pretty ...
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When the brakes are checked, what do the firemen actually do?

Watching this video (at 06:58 mark), this plane had just made a mayday landing, due to a bird-strike. Because of the right engine being shutdown, it was forced to land immediately, with a full load of ...
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How do police/ambulance helicopters communicate with ATC?

I was watching some police programme on TV the other day, with an air chase that had the police helicopter crew on their toes; having to perform a lot of sudden maneuvers. How do police, or HEMS (...
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What is the minimal landing area required for an EC135 air medical services helicopter?

The Netherlands has a few Eurocopter EC135s for air medical services. (See Wikipedia.) How much clear landing space is required (either theoretically, practically or regulatory) for these?
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