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Questions tagged [electric-engine]

Electric engine used as non conventional propulsion system of an aircraft.

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What‘s the diameter of the engines of the Airbus E-Fan?

does somebody know the diameter of the E-Fan‘s engines ? To me the look like around 80cm or what do you think ? Also, with more and wider blades and 60 kW motors instead of 30 couldn‘t they get much ...
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Could a Combined Inverted Brayton Cycle and rankine cycle engine be used as a power source in a high altitude hybrid aircraft?

Combined Cycle Power Plant for Hybrid Aeroplane. Background Inverted Gas Turbine From the Institute of Combustion Technology - DLR MGT = Micro Gas Turbine IBC = Inverted Brayton Cycle In the inverse ...
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Make a 3 engine turboprop electric or steam hybrid aircraft?

Was thinking about this, have a 2 engine regular turboprop with a third electric engine for extra performance (imagine a DC3 like the Conroy Tri-Turbo-Three). The 3rd electric engine would be run from ...
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How many mid-ocean battery swaps are needed for an electric A380 to refly the first transatlantic flight?

Context To understand what the current level of electric airplane propulsion is with respect to large passenger airliners I developed the following question: Question How many battery swaps would be ...
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