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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (ICAO: EHAM, IATA: AMS)

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What is the type of the seaplane at the end of runway 18L on Schiphol Airport?

From 47 to 52 seconds into this video we can see a seaplane parked in a small pool of water. What type of plane is this and when did the plane fly for the last time?
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9 votes
2 answers

What is the minimum altitude over Egmond aan Zee when landing at Schiphol?

I live in Egmond aan Zee which is about 36 km flight distance from Schiphol. It seems that aircraft fly over Egmond when there is a southerly wind so they can make a landing approach to Polderbaan ...
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Is the taxi route omitted in low visibility (LVP)?

This video shows an auto land into Schiphol during bad weather / LVP (Low Visibility Procedures). After reporting vacated, the ATC instruction is quite short (around 2:45). Simply the gate number. (I'...
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Why does Schiphol airport have such a long taxi way? [duplicate]

I heard that from runway 18R-36L the taxi time is around 20 minutes, I heard that this runway was built and is used mainly to reduce noise pollution, but what reasons are there for the length of the ...
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25 votes
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Why does Schiphol Airport have such a long taxi?

I recently flew into Schiphol and experienced a very long taxi time (about 20 minutes) from landing to pulling into the pier at the terminal. Given that the flight was only 90 minutes from closing air ...
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Is AMS (Schiphol) Polderbaan the runway furthest away?

I'm very interested to learn if there are (m)any (major) (commercial) airports that have runways further away from the terminal(s) than Schiphol's Polderbaan. Which airport is "in the lead" ...
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