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Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) is used to monitor the health of an aircraft engine.

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How to calculate EGT Margin for P&W engines (PW1100g) ? (Theta parameter correction)

My goal is to obtain engine baselines and calculate EGT Margin for Pratt&Whitney PW1100g engines (specifically, PW1133GA-JM) I have a large dataset of engine reports recorded during takeoff. I ...
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What is the EGT of a turboprop engine?

I am looking for a range of temperature of the exhaust stubs of a turboprop engine, typically a P&W one. However, I am not able to find such information on P&W's technical documentations ...
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What is the EGT probe output tolerance?

What is the 'average' or general tolerance (+/-) for EGT probes output on a 'typical' commercial turbofan engine?
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Why was my Exhaust Gas Temperature considerably lower than usual?

I have been trying to understand the exact details of an EGT gauge, specifically to understand why on a recent flight it was (for a short time) reading much lower than I would have expected. I would ...
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On the G1000 lean assist page, what does a positive delta EGT mean?

When leaning the fuel mixture on a C172 using the lean assist feature on the G1000, the hottest cylinder's EGT will be displayed, along with a reading showing the difference between the current ...
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What does "time at temperature" mean in the maintenance manual of the J79 engine?

I was reading the maintenance manual of the General Electric J79 and saw these two charts: and What does "time at temperature" mean?
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Why doesn't the 737 MAX have an APU EGT gauge like all other 737s do?

On Original, Classic, and Next Generation 737s, the APU panel has an EGT (exhaust-gas temperature) gauge below the four APU caution/warning lights (all images in this question are from the 737 ...
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Why does the 737NG EGT drop during take-off?

I noticed that the EGT drops a bit when I hit TO/GA for take-off on a 737-800.
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How to apply the TO/GA time and EGT limits?

If there is a published 1) EGT limit and a 2) TO/GA time limit, which one should be applied when the EGT is well below the EGT limit and possibly even below the 'max continuous' EGT. Particularly with ...
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how to simulate the performance parameters wand EGT parameter?where can i get the data? [duplicate]

I went through a lot of research papers and (kind of) understood the parameters needed for Engine Condition Trend Monitoring. From what I've understood, I need N1speed,N2 speed, Pitch, AOA, Exhaust ...
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What is the relationship between EGT, Fuel Flow, N1, N2 and Air Temperature?

I initially wanted some sample data for EGT, Fuel Flow, N1 and N2 to build a prognosis system that predicts engine failure (ECTM). I searched for some sample data online but got to know that there's ...
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Why is EGT decreasing on a jet engine when the generators cut in (take over)?

Is the EGT decrease related to the generators cutting in or is it related to the fact that the fan is now providing enough ventilation air for the engine? When I say cut in I mean that the engine ...
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What is the difference between EGT and TIT?

In a gas turbine engine, what is the difference between Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) and Turbine Inlet Temperature (TIT)? I assume EGT is the temperature after the gas has transferred power to the ...
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What happens in a turbine high-temp combustion?

I'm designing an aircraft, and I notice that in high bypass turbofan engines, the fuel is used at relatively low temperatures. So I'm wondering, what happens if the fuel is burned at high temperatures?...
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What appears on EGT Gauge if the mixture is rich or lean?

I have some questions on interpreting Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) readings. Can you give me some input on: What appears on EGT Gauge if the mixture is lean or rich? what is the normal range, ...
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How does EGT work? [closed]

I am making a report and how does EGT of an aircraft, either turbo or piston engine, work? Can you please give me the procedures... Like where it starts and being transferred to where and stuff. Thank ...
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What is a normal EGT range of a jet engine?

Out of curiosity at what temperatures are the exhaust gasses are expelled from jet engines? A normal reciprocating engine from what I recall should be in the 700 - 1100 degrees Celsius range. Does ...
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