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for questions about London Heathrow Airport (ICAO code: EGLL, IATA code: LHR)

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Under what circumstances are passengers boarded onto buses at gates A10 and A4 at Heathrow Terminal 5?

In Why doesn't Heathrow T5 have stand 504? it was suggested that gates A4 and A10 are so-called "bus-gates" where passengers board a bus to get to the aircraft. Under what circumstances ...
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What is the go-around pattern and procedure for Heathrow?

An hypothetical situation in which an airplane taking-off at Heathrow must go-around / land immediately after taking-off. What will happen during this scenario: Is there any specific action to be ...
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How (and when) does Heathrow alternate arrival paths?

I've noticed that flights over Richmond (particularly arrivals) seem to have significantly reduced over the last few weeks. This is based on looking at Flightradar, as well as listening to the noise ...
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How many private jets land at Heathrow airport per day?

Heathrow airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, one would assume most traffic there is reserved for commercial airliners because they carry a much larger number of passengers. How many ...
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Are private jets allowed to land at London Heathrow?

Heathrow is among the worlds busiest airports, with traffic mostly (entirely?) from airliners. Are private/business jets (e.g. Gulfstream G650 or Cessna Citation X) allowed to land at Heathrow? If so,...
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Why do some airports have more than 2 runways, when LHR can get by with 2?

I was looking at aerial imagery of various airports and noticed how some have a large number of runways (4-6), while others have a small number. Specifically, I noticed that Heathrow (LHR) only has 2 ...
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How much are noise-related landing costs for a long-range aircraft at Heathrow?

I am trying to estimate the noise-related costs for a long-range platform aircraft (for example, the Boeing 787) at Heathrow Airport. I have found the following table (PDF, page:24) outlining some ...
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