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Electronic Flight Bags are small, portable computers that flight crews can use while performing in-flight tasks.

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Could a pilot be in violation of an FAA rule for the use of an EFB solely as an aid to situational awareness?

Are there potential situations in which use of an EFB even as a supplement for situational awareness only would be considered a violation of a rule? I understand that some operators do not have ...
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What is the proper way to update the time enroute in an EFB system without the assistance of any GPS technology?

I remember training with paper nav logs and the student would have to update the actual ground speed based on time between two waypoints in a flight. In an EFB, what is considered the proper way to ...
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How reliable is keeping flight maps on an iPad in the cockpit? [duplicate]

Are flight maps no longer kept on a shelf in the cockpit as a back up in case the iPads malfunction? One story that I managed to research highlighted that this was under debate to rely only on a ...
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Legal requirements for electronic flight bags like Foreflight or SkyDemon

I’m wondering what the legal requirements to use EFBs like ForeFlight or Skydemon or similar for primary flight planning and navigation. If I remember correctly, I once heard about requirements on ...
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Has Jeppesen announced plans to stop supporting the Microsoft platform for Flight Deck Pro?

I heard a rumor around the water cooler recently that Jeppesen plans to drop support for Microsoft and have continued development of Flight Deck Pro EFB software only available on Apple. Has anyone ...
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Is Electronic Flight Bag(EFB) any different from our day-to-day tablet?

Other than the fact that EFB must be installed with appropiate charts and other manuals, is there any difference between EFB and normal tablet? Can I use the same tablet I play Plant VS Zombie as EFB ...
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Why did an iPad software failure cause a return to the gate?

I was amazed to read this which implies that a software failure on iPads caused departing flights to return to the gate. I used to be an avionics engineer up until a point before the current ...
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Could an EFB-based pre-flight check be automated?

Since an electronic flight bag (EFB) is basically an iPad with the right app installed, is it possible that some sort of plane-tablet connection could be formed (either wireless or wired) to automate ...
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Can I use cellular data to receive in-flight weather on my iPad?

I would like to use an iPad for preflight planning. Can I also use the iPad to check weather while I'm en route?
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What concerns do the FAA and EASA have in 2014 with "own-ship position display" on EFBs?

I've read a couple of times that "own-ship position display" is not authorized for use on Class 1 or 2 EFBs (by the FAA), and that both the FAA and EASA are cautioning against that feature's use on ...
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Is it ok to use an iPad (or similar consumer hardware) and electronic charts for GA in Europe?

I'm wondering if it is it ok to use a consumer tablet and electronic charts (e.g. within the AirNav Pro app) instead of the paper version for recreational VFR single-piston flights? Edit: to clarify,...
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Do pilots using an electronic flight bag need to carry paper charts?

If a pilot uses an electronic flight bag (say, an iPad with ForeFlight or WingX), are they required to carry paper charts as a backup? Do different rules apply to operations under Parts 91, 121, and ...
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