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Questions about the economics of aviation.

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Why don't airlines load their passengers like freight?

Apparently, the time for boarding and deboarding an airplane is a large cost factor and something airlines try to minimize but have trouble controlling because the passengers do it themselves. A ...
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Why do aircraft models end their life as freighters?

There seems to be a tendency that aircraft models are more long-lived for cargo than for passenger service. For example, both the A300 and MD-11 are all but extinct in scheduled passenger service, ...
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Why are commercial airplanes painted at all?

While there was debate over why airplanes are painted white and a question about how much a new paint job costed, what hasn't been asked is why airplanes are painted at all. I remember one airline ...
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What is the ratio between time in the air and time on ground for an aircraft?

I suppose it may be different from an airline to another. Given the maintenance, the time to load/unload the aircraft, the time the aircraft is grounded because there is no flight scheduled (e.g. at ...
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Why don't 747s use unreliable, but cheap, jet engines instead?

I'm a neophyte who was reading a little bit about jet engines, and the economics behind them. In particular, I was curious about what makes jet engines so expensive compared to piston engines. A ...
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Did any Boeing 787 operator achieve the 20% fuel efficiency improvement over the 767?

Is there any airline which are able to get the complete 20% fuel efficiency on their 787 with respect to 767 it is going to replace, as told by Boeing. I have read that one of the early customer like ...
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Which aircraft type flies the most annual passenger-miles?

Which aircraft type flies the most annual passenger-miles? I understand there are over 4,000 737s in service. However, there are over 1,300 777s in service. These each carry more passengers, and ...
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Why is the A330neo more efficient than the A350 on shorter routes?

For A330neo Wikipedia page, is written: A330neo enables profitability on shorter ranges where the longer-range A350 and Boeing 787 aren't optimized. For what reasons it is true? A330 and A350 ...
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What were the effects of the oil crises on the Concorde ticket prices?

One of the things that is considered to have greatly hampered Concorde's success were the dramatic oil price increases due to the 1973 oil crisis (the 1979 one surely didn't help either, but it was ...
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How much does it cost extra to fly with one additional passenger?

How much does it cost to fly an airplane (like a Boeing or Airbus) when there's one extra passenger there, at an average speed of 475–500 knots (880–926 km/h; 547–575 mph)? That is, about 100kg extra,...
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Why are 'ghost flights' necessary?

This article details the recent (March 2020) grounding of 90% of Ryanair's fleet due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Flight tracking data showed that all bar one of the jets had been flown in recent days:...
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Why is jet fuel cheaper than piston fuel?

Why is Jet-A cheaper than 100LL? Shouldn't it be the other way around?
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Why are general aviation avionics so expensive?

I am quite sure that someone already asked this question, but I couldn't find it on this site. Why are avionics for general aviation aircraft so expensive? For example: The Garmin® G5 $ 2,149.00 ...
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Is it really cost effective to put a motion system underneath a Full Flight Simulator?

Civil full flight simulators are mounted on top of a motion system. It is an expensive system, requires higher and therefore more costly buildings, and requires greater structural integrity of the ...
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Variable versus fixed costs in the airline industry

I want to list the costs airlines have to sustain by distinguishing them between variable and fixed. Variable costs change in proportion to aircraft usage. Fixed costs show little or no change in ...
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How much of an airline's costs are labor costs?

What percentage of a commercial airline's costs are labor costs? Can an airline run a low-cost operation without reducing the wages for crew and pilots, or subjecting them to long shifts? E.g. ...
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What are capabilities of small Airplane in general? [closed]

In general what can i expect of small, 4-seat, light airplane? I am specifically interested in the Pipistrel Panthera, though general responses would be appreciated. What is usual range of that kind ...
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