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The E6B is a "flight computer" designed to perform common aviation calculations during flight planning, or in-flight.

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Is it possible to calculate Calibrated Airspeed from True Airspeed, Temp, and Pressure Altitude? [duplicate]

Looking at a digital E6B, there is a function for calculating CAS that I am trying to recreate and program myself. Inputs: Pressure Altitude Temp in Celcius True Airspeed Outputs: CAS Mach # ...
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How to Calculate Required True Airspeed to maintain desired ground speed?

Working on programming my own E6B and am stuck trying to calculate the following problem from Sporty's E6B: Given wind info and desired speed/course, what airspeed/heading should I have in order to ...
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How can TAS be calculated from indicated temperature and Mach number? [duplicate]

Situation I am working on programming my own E6B while I learn more about aviation, but I have run into some confusion. Two pairs of the equations are very similar except for using true or indicated ...
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Given Pressure Altitude and CAS, calculate Mach Number using Jeppesen E6B

Just wondering how to calculate Mach Number from CAS and PA on an E6B. For example: given FL290, CAS 280kts, Find the Mach number. I used to use the round CR3 but I recently switched to the old-school ...
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Calculation of density altitude

When using an e6b flight computer which temperature will I use with the pressure altitude to get the density altitude
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Using the *liters* marks on E6B

See the attached picture. It is an Aero Products Research E6B Model 4. Notice the liters marks under imp. gal. and u.s. gal. How can I use the liters marks? Can I convert quantities to and from liters?...
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What equations and constants did they use to build the E6B flight computer?

E6B Flight computer: During my practice test, I tried to use the wikipedia provided equations to calculate Density Altitude and ended up with different results than the E6B. In this case, it looks ...
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How do you avoid power of 10 or order of magnitude errors when using an E6B calculator?

I am currently working through Gleim's instructions for using their E6B calculator. It says: "The numbers on the inner and outer scales represent multiple sof 10 of the values shown." And &...
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How do I calculate the impact of the winds aloft in this test question?

I was flying through this section in the ASA test prep book, I thought I had mastered this E6B. But this has me stumped: I can’t do the math to figure out how many knots I’ve traveled. But in the ...
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How can I isolate altitude as a specific range variable on a Sporty's electronic e6b?

So, I'm trying to understand the specific range calculation on my Sporty's E6B electronic calculator. The manual gives two examples. In one, the assumption is 150 Ground Speed, 24 Gallons of fuel per ...
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Is it possible to do linear interpolation on a manual E6-b?

Suppose the performance tables for my fictional airplane indicate the following: ...
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How to calculate the heading correction with a circular flight computer?

While flying between 2 points 120 nautical miles apart, after about 40 nautical miles we discover we are 5 nautical miles off to the right of the track. What heading correction is necessary in ...
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How to calculate the wind variation?

Given the: True Heading = 070 degrees True Track = 061 degrees True Air Speed = 120 knots Ground Speed = 118 knots what is the wind variation? these are the steps I am taking to calculate the ...
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How can true altitude be calculated from pressure altitude, temperature and altimeter setting?

The manual that came with my Jeppensen E6B has the following sample... If an aircraft is flying at 12,500 feet with an outside air temperature of -20C and the altimeter is set on 30.42 inches of ...
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What is the difference between planned true airspeed and actual true airspeed?

My electronic E6B does calculations for both planned and actual true airspeed (yielding different results). I was told the difference has to do with assumptions about temperature, but the manual doesn'...
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