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A dogfight or dog fight, is an aerial battle between two or more fighter aircraft, conducted at close range. Dogfighting first appeared during World War I, shortly after the invention of the airplane. Until at least 1992, it was a component in every major war, despite beliefs after World War II that increasingly greater speeds and longer range weapons would make dogfighting obsolete.

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What did Yeager think of Boyd?

According to tweets posted on August 19, 2016, on July 17, 2017 and on March 15, 2018, I am tempted to conclude that Chuck Yeager did not think too highly of John Boyd and his theories — e.g., OODA, ...
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In The Final Countdown, why did F-14 gun down the first A6M2 Zero, but the other F-14 fired an air-to-air missile at the second A6M2?

It feels contradictory for one of the F-14's to gun down the first A6M2 Zero, but the other F-14 to fire an air-to-air missile ("AAM") at the second A6M2. Is this distinction a goof? If ...
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Are the F-18 movements in the Top Gun: Maverick movie really possible?

Lately, I watched the new movie Top Gun: Maverick. A few times Maverick made some impressive movements when he was getting hunted by another fighter jet. He somehow goes slightly up, brakes and gets ...
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What are the basic principles of making fighter jets manoeuvrable [closed]

Disregardimg thrust vectoring and other computer-aided functions, what are all the basic factors of making a fighter jet manoeuvrable? Using basic physics design principles such as high thrust to ...
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Why do fighters not use thrust burst from under the wings for improved maneuvering?

This is just a postulation upon a few thoughts. I think it is intuitive to understand that in fighter jets, in a dog-fight scenario, higher turning speed, as in closing the angle between the chasing ...
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What are the reasons for the end of the dogfight era? [duplicate]

A lot of sources mention that a lot of modern era (5.Gen) fighter jet designs such as the F-35 are focussing on qualities and properties such as stealth, long-range attacks, and versatility just to ...
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How do you win a simulated dogfight/Air-to-Air engagement?

When simulating/practicing a dogfight/air-to-air engagement obviously real, live weapons aren't used. So therefore, how is it that these missions are "won"? So my first question is: In a ...
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Was there any kind of preventative collision training for dogfights during WWI and WWII?

Watching some old films on YouTube about dogfighting has me curious about this. Definitely seems like most dogfights around this time were extremely close, involving tight formations and turns. Was ...
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Why don't combat aircraft have rear-facing *laser* weapons?

This question is similar, but only talks about guns. I don't mean a laser that is going to destroy the plane, but why aren't rear-mounted, rear-firing lasers that can blind a pilot a thing? Most of ...
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Is it true the F-16 has never lost a dogfight?

(Source) I have heard the F-16 has never lost an air-to-air dogfight - is this true?
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Fighter YO-YO counter measure?

In a dogfight ("A" Scenario), aircraft "A" is being shot at by aircraft "B". In order to lead aircraft "A", "B" must turn inside "A" and will soon overshoot if "B" does not perform a defensive ...
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Why was Energy Maneuverability theory not applied to the F-14?

In John Boyd's (declassified) 1966 Energy Maneuverability [PDF] report, studies were done on the F-4 and on the MiG-21 and those studies were applied to the F-15, F-16 and F-18. My questions: Why ...
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How did ww1 pilots handle G-forces?

The wikipedia page on G-forces,, lists that WW1 aircraft encountered 4.5-7g during dogfights. This made me wonder, how did pilots in the early days of aviation ...
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Were there any instances of aerial combat between helicopters?

Were there any cases in history where two attack-helicopters like AH-64 and MI-24(for example) were involved in an air fight between each other?
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Drone swarm technology on missiles [closed]

since drone swarm technology can control large amounts of drones in a coordinated manner, could it also be used on missiles? Imagine an aircraft could launch a few swarms of small missiles (like a ...
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What is the average speed used by modern jet fighters when in dogfight?

I am asking this question pertaining to a game I'm designing. It is well known that many modern jet fighter aircraft can fly at supersonic velocities however I read that this top speed is hardly ever ...
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How did night fighter aircraft manage to shoot down their foes in World War II?

I know that those plane had radar to acquire an approximate location of the enemy, but how did they spot them after that? You need to be accurate when you try to shoot down an enemy plane, and ...
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What's this sound? - Dogfight between F14 & MiG23

The following video features real-life audio of a CAP "dogfight" between two F14 Tomcats and two Libyan MiG23's in 1989. (YouTube uploader: TopGunMilitary) The audio ...
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If all fighter jets become stealthy, how will they fight each other in the future? In dogfights?

I came across this question on dogfight-capable fighter jets still being made. If all aircraft become so stealthy, how will they fight each other? Only in dogfights, I presume. Or am I wrong?
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How do aircraft differentiate between missile locks?

I have explored many similar questions such as: How does a Missile Lock Work? How is a missile lock detected? In reading there respective answers, I have learnt about the multitude of detection ...
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Can a UAV defend itself?

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was shot down by Turkish aircraft, which made me wonder, whether the Turkish pilots faced any defending moves from the UAV, or once they found it, taking down was a ...
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Unmanned Drone vs Conventional Manned Fighter in Combat: How realistic? [closed]

How far are we / Is it even viable to think of a scenario where a drone gets employed to counter a conventional manned fighter? I can see several benefits: Free of the G-restrictions of a human ...
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In a dogfight, can a pilot shoot down a parachute? [closed]

Forgive me if my question sounds more like a rule of engagement for aerial combat than aviation technique. I was wondering that is it ok, in a dogfight, for a victorious pilot to shoot a defeated ...
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Do fighter jets experience a reaction or recoil force upon firing a missile?

When fighter jets fire a missile, do they observe any kind of reaction force due to firing the missile? If yes, how is this observed by the pilot? If no, why not?
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How do pilots maintain level flight after launching missile?

I saw, on National Geographic, two well built navy guys lifting a comparatively small missile to be attached on wings of an F-18 Super Hornet. So when one missile on left wing is launched doesn't it ...
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Why don't combat aircraft have rear-facing weapons?

This excellent question addresses the role of dogfighting in modern aerial warfare. However it seems that most ACM concentrate on maneuvering into shooting position. Why don't combat aircraft have ...
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Why do fighter aircraft manufacturers still focus on making their planes more dogfight-worthy?

In today's age, when dogfights are simply a relic from the past, why do manufacturers keep on increasing their aircraft maneuverability, in order to make them better dogfighters. It is more ...
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How does an inexperienced pilot handle G-Forces?

After reading this question and the linked article, I had some more questions about G-Forces on pilots. The article says: The average, fit aviator has about a 3g "naked" limit, which comes from ...
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How would modern jet fighters engage and defeat prop driven fighters?

How would modern jet fighters engage and defeat prop driven fighters? Assuming all things being equal (avionics, weapons, etc), if the two aircraft were co-altitude in a level merge, what tactics ...
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