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What happens when the runway is unusable at an isolated aerodrome?

What happens when you fly to isolated aerodrome in turbine engine aircraft without predetermined point procedure and just upon arrival for example an aircraft crashes on the runway and you can not ...
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Why did flight AC8823 not land in Washington and why fly to Toronto?

My family and I were in Washington D. C. Reagan airport waiting for the Air Canda 8823 on 14 March 2023 (the aircraft that was supposed to fly us back home to Montreal). I was following the flight on ...
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Is it possible to find out the actual reason for the diversion of V72578 of 15/04/2022?

There's a weird story making the rounds in the news in France these last few days: Flight V72578 on April 15th was delayed, and then diverted, supposedly because of the destination airport's curfew. ...
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If an aircraft diverts to another airport for mechanical reasons, does the dispatcher create a new flight plan?

Let's say the aircraft is flying from LEJ (Leipzig/Halle Airport, Germany) to DXB (Dubai International). And enroute if the aircraft needs to divert over Turkey to land because of one engine failure, ...
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What does a dispatcher do if an aircraft can't stay on a NAT route due to a communications failure?

For example, a flight is enroute form from LEJ (Leipzig/Halle Airport, Germany) to MIA (Miami, USA) on a North Atlantic Track (NAT). Now suppose there is an issue with the communication or CPDLC of ...
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Are Belarusian ATC recordings available for Ryanair Flight 4978? [closed]

I am interested in locating the ATC recordings of Ryanair Flight FR4978, LGAV to EYVI, 23/5/2021, that had a forced diversion to UMMS in order to arrest a passenger. I have looked online but couldn't ...
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Can an airline rewrite a flight's origin airport for the day, following an earlier diversion?

Suppose a domestic US civilian carrier regularly flies flight N directly from airport A to airport B, and flies back flight M from B to A. Now, one day, the aircraft flying N is diverted to airport C, ...
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At what exact point in time should we be giving the 10 minutes to diversion call to ATC?

I wanted to get some clear information if it’s available as to which exact point should the 10 mins to diversion call be given to ATC with respect to our FOB. The way I have been doing it currently on ...
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Does cargo heat failure require a diversion? What about if there are live animals in cargo?

There was a story in the news recently that an Air Canada 787-8, enroute from Tel Aviv (TLV) to Toronto (YYZ), diverted to Frankfurt (FRA) when the pilots discovered a problem with the cargo heat. ...
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