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A twin-turboprop STOL airliner originally built by de Havilland Canada and now by Viking Air, commonly used as a bush plane.

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Why is the autopilot of the DHC-6 Twin Otter powered by bleed air?

I was just reading through the POH of a DHC-6-100 Twin Otter and was surprised to read the following: 3.8.2 LOW PRESSURE - OTHER SYSTEMS. The airframe deicing system and the autopilot are ...
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1 answer

Why does the DHC-6 pitch down when the flaps are retracted, rather than up?

Air Moorea Flight 1121 crashed because one of its elevator cables broke immediately after the pilot retracted the flaps, but before he could trim out the resulting pitch-down moment - to quote the ...
8 votes
1 answer

How to read the propeller range chart for DHC-6 Twin Otter?

I understand constant speed propellers and beta range. However, I'm not completely sure I'm extracting everything from this chart that appears in a manual for a flight sim model of the Twin Otter. ...
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Why does the DHC-6 have only one set of elevator cables?

Air Moorea Flight 1121 crashed because its up-elevator cable broke, allowing the elevator to blow to its faired position and thus be unavailable to counteract the pitch-down moment caused by the flaps ...
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What modifications would be required to use a DHC-6-400 for Carrier Onboard Delivery work?

In the spirit of our small airplane landing on a carrier question, I decided to up the ante slightly in a couple of ways. Let us say some enterprising foreign navy has found a small flattop under ...