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How to find Designated Pilot Examiners (DPE)s?

I took my first private pilot exam three weeks ago, and schedule a re-take with the Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) for next week. Except this week, he called and cancelled. :( I've called and texted ...
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INOP parking brake on checkride

The ACS states that the applicant must secure the airplane and complete the appropriate checklist. The checklist states to set the parking brake. But what if the parking brake is inoperative? What ...
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What are the effects of missing questions on an FAA Written exam?

I took my Instrument Rating written exam this morning and scored an 85% (which is 51/60). Not bad, but I am worried about what this might bring about in the future. If I remember correctly for my ...
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What is the procedure to appeal an FAA DPE who conducts exams in a manner that conflicts with certification standards?

Does the FAA have a formal process to allow applicants and instructors to appeal a DPE who does not conduct pilot examinations in a manner consistent with the ACS/PTS guidelines? If yes, how does ...
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Can a DPE do a checkride in any plane of the same class?

Do DPEs have to be certified in a specific aircraft type, or can they do a checkride in any airplane of the same class? For example, if I have done all my training in a Cirrus SR22 and want to do my ...
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Can I get my IFR practical and oral examinations directly through the FAA if I can't find designated examiner?

A friend needs to go for instrument and commercial check rides and can't find designated examiner that is local. Can she schedule one at the nearest FAA office?
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What are the experience requirements and process for becoming an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner?

When it comes time to hire a new Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE), what does the FAA look for? What triggers new DPE job openings? How do the application and onboarding processes work? Are there more ...
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What happens during a checkride for a private pilot license?

For a Private Pilot License in USA, what happens when a student takes his/her checkride? I want to know the sequence of events. According to my knowledge, which is sort of vague, things proceed as ...
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Will I fail a check-ride if I do a go-around for a short-field landing?

Let's assume that I'm on a check-ride and my next requirement is to perform a short-field landing. If I'm coming in for landing and it's obvious I'm not going to hit my mark, can I perform a go-...
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