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Deicing is the process of removing ice from a plane, either via chemicals on the ground or processes on the aircraft itself

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How are floatplanes deiced?

If a floatplane, seaplane, or flying boat has ice on the wings, how is the ice removed before takeoff? Can it be done while keeping the plane in the water?
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How impactful is De-icing on flight margins?

A quick google search suggests that deicing is a very expensive activity, with many suggesting it might be 5-10k for both deicing and anti-icing fluid. Given that flight costs typically are lower for ...
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So fast, it melts the ice off?

Approximately, how fast would an aircraft have to travel through freezing air to melt the ice off the wing, propellers, or rotor blades?
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Do pilots turn off the engines during de-icing?

During winter operations and de-icing are the engines (jet engines) usually in operation? If not, what is the reason for that? Also I was wondering if the engine nacelles require de-icing since I have ...
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Why can’t the F28 be deiced with one or both engines running?

Recently, I was contemplating Air Ontario Flight 1363, which, despite heavy, wet snowfall while it was on the ground at CYHD, could not be deiced before takeoff, as it arrived bearing an inoperative ...
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Why don't the noses have the same de-icing metal surface like that of the wing's leading edge, engines, tail, etc.?

For reference, let's take the A320. The nose is painted like the rest of the body. Image Source
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Why are propellers de-iced before the engines are started, and does ice on the fuselage affect the flight characteristics of the plane?

I recently flew on a flight out of Montreal on a DHC8 turboprop. The plane had been parked at the airport overnight during a winter storm, and as I walked out to the plane, there were visible icicles ...
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Do fighter jets have deicing in their wings?

If there is such thing as deicing for fighters? If so, is bleed air or electric heating preferred? I could not imagine that a $50MLN fighter jet would not be able to get the ice off its wings.
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Are there specific names for airport vehicles used for de-icing?

Do de-icing vehicles used at airports for de-/anti-icing procedures have special names? I-ve searched the internet but have not found the exact names of these vehicles.
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Who else is using electro-thermal wing anti-/de-icing apart from the 787?

I am researching into deicing technologies for the future, but apart from Boeing with Ultra/GKN, no one seems to be picking this technology up and being competitive. Any one know why this is? Is it an ...
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What happens to used deicer fluid?

I noticed several tanks at BWI that store waste deicer fluid. They're in the foreground of the picture; the tanks in the background store Jet A. What do airports like BWI do with deicer fluid after ...
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How is the type of deicing fluid chosen and how much time is required for application?

From my understanding there are 4 different types of deicing fluids. How exactly is it determined what type of fluid needs to be used? How much delay does every type of fluid cause on average? What ...
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Can the bleed air for deicing the wings of the aircraft be switched on and off for jumbos?

Considering the large surface areas of the wings of the Boeing 747 and Airbus A380, can the bleed air for deicing the wings be switched on and off as needed and if so, is that automatic and where are ...
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How do electric anti-icing systems work?

How do they work for GA propeller planes? More specifically, how is it implemented on the leading edge of the wing and propeller blades? I'm more interested in the mechanics of electric heating, not ...
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When is deicing required?

For airliners, under which meteorological conditions is de-icing required? What factors (temperature, humidity, dew point, precipitation, etc.) influence the decision to de-ice? Is decision to de-...
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Why is there a time range for holdover times charts?

2016-2017 FAA Holdover Time Guide The FAA publishes holdover times for each winter season and gives a time frame for how long each type of fluid should protect the aircraft from further contamination....
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Is there a source of deicing holdover time tables?

Depending on the types of de-ice and anti-ice fluids used, the HOT changes. Is it possible to post some HOT table here?
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What do de-icers do during summer?

I was reading about plane de-icing the other day, and someone posted a comment saying that was their job, and when no planes needed de-icing they just slept/waited in the de-icing truck. I was ...
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Is deicing fluid harmful to the environment?

How harmful is the fluid applied on aircraft to the environment? Is there any way to collect this waste fluid to minimize this, if in fact it is harmful?
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