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Use for the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 and its variants including the MD-10

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How can I find flight history of an old plane with MSN?

I am trying to verify a plane that possibly flew the route between DAC and BKK in the early 80s. It's Thai Airways, DC 10-30, MSN 46959. It has a pure sentimental value, because a Thai Airways DC 10-...
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McDonnell Douglas DC10 - scale model

I am building a scale model of a DC10. I need precise details of the external lighting arrangements. The red and green wingtip nav lights are obvious but I need the details of other beacons and their ...
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Could DC-10s be equipped with seatback inflight entertainment screens, given that the oxygen systems are in seatbacks rather than overhead?

Unlike most passenger aircraft, the supplemental oxygen mask system on the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 was located in the backs of passenger seats, rather than in an overhead compartment in the passenger ...
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