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Use for the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 and its variants including the MD-10

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Why does the DC-10's horizontal stabilizer have such a pronounced dihedral?

If you look at this picture, you'll see that the horizontal stabilizer has a very pronounced dihedral in comparison to the wings. Could somebody explain in a simple way why? I understand that a ...
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Why is the DC10/MD11 center engine placed where it is?

While reading this question about trijets I started wondering why the center engine in the DC10 and MD11 where placed where they are. Most trijets have the center engine at the very back of the ...
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What is this tab above the DC-10's #2 engine? [duplicate]

What is this big rectangular tab (?) thingy extending backwards just above the DC-10's #2 engine? What does it do? (, picture modified to point out the tab thingy)
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What are these "portholes & panels" on the fuselage of the Omega Tanker DC-10?

If you take a look at the photo (source: still from this YouTube video), you'll notice a pair of "panels" on the fuselage of this Omega Tanker DC-10 (reg: N974VV), circled with green. There is also ...
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How does a DC-10 flight engineer manually raise the cabin altitude?

Reading into Federal Express Flight 1406 and I noticed when the flight engineer said he was raising the cabin altitude “manually” I assume this has something to do with cutting off the oxygen, but how ...
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