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Use for the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 and its variants including the MD-10

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How can I find flight history of an old plane with MSN?

I am trying to verify a plane that possibly flew the route between DAC and BKK in the early 80s. It's Thai Airways, DC 10-30, MSN 46959. It has a pure sentimental value, because a Thai Airways DC 10-...
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McDonnell Douglas DC10 - scale model

I am building a scale model of a DC10. I need precise details of the external lighting arrangements. The red and green wingtip nav lights are obvious but I need the details of other beacons and their ...
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Why is there this open gap (?) above the root of this DC-10's horizontal stabilizer?

Aircraft with trimmable horizontal stabilizers need some way of sealing the area around the root of the stabilizer, so it can move up and down for pitch trim without opening up gaps in the fuselage ...
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Could DC-10s be equipped with seatback inflight entertainment screens, given that the oxygen systems are in seatbacks rather than overhead?

Unlike most passenger aircraft, the supplemental oxygen mask system on the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 was located in the backs of passenger seats, rather than in an overhead compartment in the passenger ...
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What are the degree markers on the tail of this MD-10 for? [duplicate]

I took this picture of of Orbis's McDonnell Douglas MD-10-30. Tail: N330AU. What purpose do the 0 and 2 degree markers serve?
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What are these "portholes & panels" on the fuselage of the Omega Tanker DC-10?

If you take a look at the photo (source: still from this YouTube video), you'll notice a pair of "panels" on the fuselage of this Omega Tanker DC-10 (reg: N974VV), circled with green. There is also ...
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How does a DC-10 flight engineer manually raise the cabin altitude?

Reading into Federal Express Flight 1406 and I noticed when the flight engineer said he was raising the cabin altitude “manually” I assume this has something to do with cutting off the oxygen, but how ...
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How could a 45 years old DC10 be still in service with one of the largest cargo airline?

It is amazing to see this 45-year-old DC10 freighter still operating for FedEx regularly: I know the lifespan of an aircraft is not rated by ages but flight cycles, but an actively used DC10 over 45 ...
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What is this tab above the DC-10's #2 engine? [duplicate]

What is this big rectangular tab (?) thingy extending backwards just above the DC-10's #2 engine? What does it do? (, picture modified to point out the tab thingy)
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Why does the DC-10's horizontal stabilizer have such a pronounced dihedral?

If you look at this picture, you'll see that the horizontal stabilizer has a very pronounced dihedral in comparison to the wings. Could somebody explain in a simple way why? I understand that a ...
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Why is the DC10/MD11 center engine placed where it is?

While reading this question about trijets I started wondering why the center engine in the DC10 and MD11 where placed where they are. Most trijets have the center engine at the very back of the ...
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