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A series of two- and three-engine business jets produced by Dassault; the first Falcon flew in 1963, and over 2,500, in various models, have been delivered since then.

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Why are there missiles under the wings of this Dassault Falcon?

While browsing Flightradar this afternoon, I managed to land on this aircraft, but then I noticed that that's a Falcon 20D with a sort of missile pod under the wings; is that a training aircraft for ...
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How is flight envelope protection implemented in Dassault Falcons?

In normal laws, envelope protection is implemented differently on Boeing and Airbus fly-by-wire systems, as highlighted in this question. I don't want to reopen a debate about which one is better (...
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Why do Dassault Falcons only have one thrust reverser?

Using all 3 engines would slow it down much faster. No?
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Why does the Dassault Falcon 7X's cockpit have ashtrays?

While looking at the first implementation of Fly-By-Wire systems, I see that the 7X was the first business jet with fly-by-wire controls. Looking at the Wikipedia page for the aircraft, I saw this ...
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Why does the Falcon 900 have anhedral wings?

Why does it have anhedral wings and not "normal" wings? Many other similar aircraft with low-wing have dihedral wings. Source: Edit: This is about the Falcon 900, which apparently ...
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Does CG location affect the stability of the Dassault Falcon 7x while on the ground?

Can any one please explain me the basic static stability of Falcon 7x on ground at aft most CG which is 38.5%MAC=12.63498m ... because as per my hand calculations i m getting around 2% load/weight on ...
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