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The section of flight between the after takeoff climb and landing approach.

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How much does a Boeing 737 wing bend/deflect in cruise conditions?

As a part of my ongoing research of a structural joint analysis of a Boeing 737, I have been looking for sources where I may be able to find the bending/deflection data during cruise conditions. I ...
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What is the order of Reynolds number inside the Compressor at cruise conditions?

I am doing a CFD study on a probe that will be installed inside a compressor of a civil aircraft for my final year project. I need to know the Reynolds number inside a compressor at cruise conditions. ...
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What is the effect of aspect ratio on cruise velocity?

Does the Aspect ratio affect the Maximum cruise velocity please? I was thinking it wouldn’t as Aspect ratio= b^2/S. If I wanted to go quicker I could just increase my span and decrease S?
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