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Should turns always be standard-rate?

I know that the turn coordinator has markings that allow you to turn at a particular rate, so you can use the TC and a clock or stopwatch to turn a particular number of degrees. Are you always ...
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Which "North degree" is using on the PFD heading, Jeppesen Charts and Maps? (Headind indicator, MSA, coordinate lines, bearings..) True or Magnetic?

I found out that "All charts are drawn in reference to true north". But if my heading indicator shows a magnetic heading on my flight display, how do I apply the true heading value on the ...
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How much slipping and sliding go on during short final?

NOTE: This is not a question about coordinated flight in the pattern. There is no disagreement that hasty skids to turn the plane faster from base to final can and do kill. The question is about what ...
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Why doesn't the A-4 Skyhawk require rudder in coordinated turns like on other Century Series aircraft?

The Douglas A-4 Skyhawk is a subsonic jet aircraft design from the early fifties. Usually, in order to make a coordinate turn without skidding or slipping , the pilots of the other types of aircrafts ...
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What are the forces present in a coordinated turn?

During straight and level flight, coordinated flight is assumed when there is no net lateral force (no slip or no skid). But this concept totally breaks down when it comes to turning, in a co-...
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What exactly is a "coordinated" turn?

I am wondering what turn coordination really means and what makes a turn uncoordinated? I know that when the turn is coordinated, there is no slip and skid, an aircraft is flying a perfect circle ...
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Is it possible to get into a spin situation while coordinated?

Is there any possibility of spinning while coordinated? Of course, any CFI would tell you no, but I wonder if the the following situation could result in a spin while coordinated: Slow level flight ...
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What is a skidding turn (vs slipping turn)?

I am trying to understand the concept of What qualifies a turn to be skidding or slipping how we need to give elevator back pressure if we do not want to 'slip' the turn. While browsing for answer ...
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How do I keep coordinated on a windy day?

I've noticed on windy days that keeping the aircraft coordinated can be difficult -- the ball will tend to bounce back and forth in the turn coordinator, and I will find myself "chasing" it with the ...
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