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The white lines sometimes seen in the sky trailing an aircraft.

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What is the mechanism by which condensation forms above wings?

The planes landing at Sydney Airport have what looks to be sheets of steam pouring off the wings. Larger planes have multiple contrails while smaller regional planes only have these sheets. This is ...
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Why are some contrails longer than others?

I've often noticed that planes flying on more or less the same track, headed in the same direction leaves different contrails. By different I mean how long they stay visible and the length of them. ...
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How does contrail formation differ from turbofan to turbojet?

Air forces and intelligence agencies are indeed interested in predicting whether condensation trails (contrails) will be visible or not during aircraft operations. Photo: C-CYOW at Photobucket Among ...
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Why does an aircraft leave a white smoke trail?

Why does an aircraft leave a white smoke trail?
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Do jet contrails impact weather?

Do jet contrails impact weather at the ground?
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Why are only some aircraft in this formation creating contrails?

The Republic Day celebrations at New Delhi, India had a series of flypasts by the Indian Air Force. What struck me the most was that in a formation with a C-17 in middle and two Su-30MKI flanking it, ...
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How long does it take for a contrail to hit the ground? [closed]

I'm not even sure if they end up falling to earth, or if they accumulate and form/join other clouds or whatnot, which is part of the reason I'm asking this question. In contrails, heavier particles ...
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Why are contrails not visible from the cabin?

If you observe a plane flying whilst on the ground, plenty of times you will see contrails: Why are they not visible from the plane itself when sitting in the most rear part of the cabin even by ...
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How to read the Appleman chart to predict contrail formation?

I stumbled upon the Appleman-chart, that makes it possible to predict the formation of contrails. How do I use this chart?
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Why don't the contrails show the curvature of the Earth?

When we see contrails in the sky, let's say traveling left/right in your vision, you are seeing across a sky that is easily a couple of hundred miles wide. I mean, we can see one side of space and ...
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How does engine exhaust temperature affect contrail formation and why?

There was a german study about the "Influence of propulsion efficiency on contrail formation". In this study, an Airbus A340 and a Boeing 707 flew right next to each other. The two contrail forming ...
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