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who determines and at what point how a (larger) airport is configured for operations for the day?

This question is mostly in the context of commercial / scheduled as opposed to GA or other traffic. It's pretty apparent that "turning around" an airport in the sense of which runways are ...
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Are there additional structural measures in airliners with asymemtrical seating arrangements?

I was recently flying onboard an A220 and was surprised by the asymmetrical five abreast seating arrangement. Are there any structural measures (e.g. counter weights, ...) to balance out the aircraft ...
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GNS 430 Instrument Panel Self Test Page OBS readout does not agree with OBS Hdg selected on CDI

Our Newly installed Overhauled GNS 430 OBS readout on the Instrument Panel Self Test Page does not agree with the Heading selected on our CDI. Prior to the 430 overhaul they agreed perfectly. ...
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Is this an at-all realistic configuration for a DHC-2 Beaver?

As I learn more and more about aviation, I start noticing things. The image below is clipped from The Long Dark, a disaster survival game centered around powerful geomagnetic storms. At the inciting ...
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Why are there no high wing Canard airplanes?

Just had a thought about canard airplanes while looking at the Tu-144 that features a canard surface on the top of its fuselage. Are there any high-wing aircraft with a top or bottom mounted canard? ...
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Why is the definition of $V_{S1}$ vague wrt configuration?

The definition of $V_{S1}$ is the stalling speed or the minimum steady flight speed obtained in a specific configuration from 14 CFR §1.2 Abbreviations and symbols. Why is this vague in terms of the ...
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Is flap down the same as flap extended to 25degrees? [closed]

Is Flap down command is same as setting the flap angle to 25degrees. Recently I am reading the information related to Flap and got confused with different terminology. Trying to get relation between ...
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Is the passenger capacity of the A350 really only 250 pax?

I read online that the capacity of an A350 was 250 passengers, but I took the max cabin width and length of an A350-900XWB, and I ended up with a 400 passenger capacity in a 4-class layout. Economy ...
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Does the canard config have radically different controls than classic config?

Classic configuration is something like the A320: wings in the middle, horizontal stabilizers at the tail. Canard configuration is something like the Beechcraft Starship: wings at the back and ...
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In a pusher configuration with turboprop(s), how is the superhot exhaust avoided?

I actually looked around for turboprops in a pusher configuration, and so far I only found one: P180 Avanti. You can see the propellers are behind the turbine, and in fact it looks like two exhaust ...
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What was the Vmca of the 2-engine 747 config the El Al 1862 crew faced, and could they have landed the plane at a corresponding Vref?

In the El Al 1862 crash, the flight crew lost control of their 747 in what basically amounts to an aggravated Vmca roll during approach after two engines detached from the aircraft, causing the loss ...
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What are the benefits of a non-orthogonal (scissor) tail-rotor?

Why is the tail-rotor of some helicopters (e.g., Boeing AH-64 Apache) made of non-orthogonal (scissor) blades? What are the aerodynamic benefits (or any other benefits) compared to the orthogonal ...
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What are the reasons behind this pusher propeller configuration?

Can a pusher configuration sort of like this have its propeller close to the tail (if it were one of those split tails like on a A-10)? Why did they put the propeller above the cabin and not in ...
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Is this plane landing or departing?

I have a picture of Air Force One I took fairly up close several years ago. Unfortunately, I don't remember if that was on arrival or departure. Is there anything visible in the airplane's ...
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