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Commercial aviation is the part of civil aviation, whether general aviation, non-scheduled service, or scheduled airline service, that involves operating aircraft for hire to transport passengers or cargo.

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Can pilots take multitools on board in Canada?

Can pilots in other countries or Canada carry Swiss army knives onboard on commercial flights? Passengers are not allowed to do that in Canada.
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Aircraft continuously circling before landing (not holding)

On Flightradar24 I saw an Airbus 320 circling a lot before landing. My best guess is for some reason the aircraft had to stay in air for longer time due to unknown reasons. If this is the case, why ...
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Is there any authoritative source where I can find a list of companies producing Sustainable Aviation Fuel in the U.S?

Is there any authoritative source (website, directories, etc.) where I can find a list of companies producing Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) in the U.S? Based on media reports it seems that there are ...
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How many commercial or ATP pilots have lost their medical yearly from 2015 to 2022?

I wold like to know how many pilots have lost their medical that prohibits flying on a commercial or ATP, year to year from 2015 to 2022.
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Why not stream outside cameras into the in flight entertainment system

Why do some carriers choose not to stream external views on planes where GMCS cameras are standard, such as the 777-300 or the Airbus A380?
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Cost for teletype type B (TTY) message exchange over SITA network

Does anyone know which party (sender or receiver) bears the cost of sending TTY messages over the SITA network that are commonly used between airlines, GDSs and different vendors. Thanks.
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What is the ratio of standby crews to flying crews?

Section 4.O of the FedEx Collective Bargaining Agreement discusses how pilots are to be compensated for being on standby. From what I can tell they basically get paid a "trip guarantee" that is close ...
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Variables of Dryden Wind Model

How to determine the turbulence intensities (σu, σv, σw), scale lengths (Lu, Lv, Lw) & Angular frequency (ω0) in the given Dryden wind model to generate wind speeds (u_w, v_w, w_w) of civil jet ...
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Can any US airline fly to and from any US city it wants to?

I am trying to understand the US commercial aviation industry. Assuming that slots are available, are US airlines permitted to fly to and from any US city they want to? Or are there limited permits ...
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From RAF fighter pilot to commercial pilot

I’d like to become an RAF fighter pilot for many reasons but to become a commercial pilot once I leave the RAF is not one of them. I am, however, curious to know, if I were to become an RAF pilot and ...
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Course of other planes approaching the airport

I flew from MUC to TXL recently and made a weird observation. I was sitting in the port side of the plane and -just a few minutes before landing- saw a red light at approximately our height just ...
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Are there any civil programs that uses S1000D?

For civil programs, aircraft documentation (especially maintenance) used to follow ATA 100 or ATA iSpec 2200. S1000D, on the other hand, is mostly used in military programs, but civil program may use ...
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Can lasers be used for weather detection along an aircraft's flight path?

Aircraft use RADAR for weather detection such as storm clouds, rain, etc. Why don't they use LASER instead to measure the density of the weather ahead? RADAR has been known to return false signals of ...
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I currently have L2 visa , am I eligible to complete my CPL program in USA

I am from India, I currently hold dependent L2 visa , can I complete CPL program (commerical pilot licence) in USA
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What is the difference between CANPA and CDFA?

What is the difference between Constant Angle Non-Precision Approach (CANPA) and continuous descent final approach (CDFA)?
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Sea-Going Ground-Effect Vehicle

Is a Ground-effect vehicle (a.k.a. ekranoplan) practical in seas near the coast (e.g. the US East Coast, West Coast, and Gulf of Mexico)? I'm looking for a practicality answer, like, nope, cannot be ...
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Best Way to certify DO-178 Communications Stack?

We currently have a piece of hardware running an RTOS that needs the communication stack to be certified to DAL-B. Everything has already been developed for non commercial aerospace applications, ...
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How come PSA airlines got the same IATA code as Comair?

PSA Airlines has the same IATA 2-letter code, "OH", as the now-defunct carrier Comair. Yet - the two companies are not related. How is it, that IATA reassigned the same code to an unrelated carrier ...
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What does "ACFT MAX 65/7 " means on lido charts?

What does "ACFT MAX 65/7" on the minima box means? I found out that its related to wingspan and some vertical distance, but I still didn't get the vertical distance thing !!
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Does the responsibility for the plane shift from the PIC, if they leave the plane?

Is the PIC still responsible for everything when they leave the plane and a co-pilot is staying on board? Are there differences between operational reasons for leaving the plane (doing the walk-around)...
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