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Runways that are not open for use (for instance, due to construction or obstruction).

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When and why was AGGH's runway 06/24 shortened?

AGGH has one runway, 06/24. When looking at an aerial photo of said runway, I noticed something interesting: (Image by Graeme Bartlett at Wikimedia Commons.) My interest was piqued by seeing what ...
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When a parallel runway is closed at an uncontrolled field, does the notation change for the operating runway?

I’m currently a CFI/CFII/MEI at a flight school based out of Falcon Field (KFFZ.) Falcon has a pair of runways, 4/22 R/L. When the tower closes, runway 4L/22R is closed. During a training event this ...
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When are "winter months" when referring to runway closure?

1B9's grass strip is "CLSD WINTER MONTHS", What is the definition of "winter months"? Is it formally Dec 21st through Mar 21st? Or is it just ...
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Close Runway 16/34 from one direction

Let's say Runway 16/34 used direction 16 for arrival and 34 for departure. Can the runway close 16 (arrival direction) and still working in 34 for departure?
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Are there any photos or videos of the drones at Gatwick? [closed]

The Gatwick Airport drone incident from 19-21 December 2018 involved "67 reports of drone sightings close to the runway" (Wikipedia). However, police stated there were no photos or videos of the ...
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Can a runway have a displaced threshold and a closed section in the same area?

There is tricky question we weren't able to find a clear answer to. Following roughness tests we decided to close part of the runway to all aircraft movements (1400 ft out of a total 3000 ft runway). ...
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Should landing on a runway that has been closed by NOTAM be a violation of the FARs?

At an airport without an operating control tower, should it be a violation of the Federal Aviation Regulations to land an airplane during VMC daylight conditions on a runway that has been NOTAMed ...
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How do I say these situations, according to the runway's status?

There is an accident on the runway, for example, the aircraft is disabled on it, so, the runway is_________. The runway is flooded, or there is oil spill on it, so, the runway is______. Closed? ...
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Is Iqaluit Airport closed?

After seeing this question (and its answers): Why did the Swiss International Air LX40 (a 777-300ER) emergency land at Iqaluit airport? my interest in Iqaluit (and its airport) was piqued. But, the ...
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Can planned runway closures prevent a plane from leaving an airport?

I was on a flight recently where, due to the long runway at my airport being repaired, we had to fly to another nearby airport to get enough fuel for the rest of our trip. We couldn't take off with ...
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Does a runway have to be closed for not having markings due to resealing work?

Is it required to close a runway if the paint has been removed for resealing the asphalt?
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Why did the north / south runways close at Daugherty Field (KLGB)?

The north / south runway at KLGB were recently closed. Does anyone know the reason for the runway closures?
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What does STERILE RUNWAY mean?

When a pilot receives the message : THE RUNWAY IS STERILE, what is the meaning?
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Why is one of two parallel runways sometimes closed in foggy weather?

A few times, when flying into SFO, me and my fellow passengers were informed that due to foggy weather one of two parallel runways there is closed, causing delays. So, a few questions: Why can only ...
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May an emergency aircraft land on a closed runway?

Let's say that you're on approach to a remote airport to refuel (for arguments sake, Funafuti International Airport, Tuvalu), with 1-2 hours of fuel remaining in your aircraft. Contacting ATC to ...
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