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The permission from air traffic control to take an action, e.g. to land on runway 5.

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How do you request a "pop up" IFR clearance?

If you are flying VFR into deterioration weather conditions and would like to continue the flight under IFR, or you would like to climb to a better altitude but are restricted by a cloud layer, what ...
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When is an aircraft cleared to land?

In Is there a minimum separation between a landing aircraft and another crossing its runway? it was explained that once an aircraft has clearance to land, that runway is reserved for the exclusive use ...
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How do you open and get a IFR clearance while in the air?

I once had a traffic controller give me a hard time about how I requested IFR clearance once in the air. I had previously filed an IFR flight plan, and took off from my untowered home airport. On ...
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When is the descent clearance requested from ATC?

Is there a rule / Standard Operating Procedure as to when request the descent clearance during cruise flight? Something like one minute before reaching the Top of Descent point?
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When has a pilot legally accepted an ATC clearance or instruction?

At what point is a pilot considered to have accepted an clearance or instruction? Upon simple acknowledgement (e.g., Roger or ...
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Does a pilot need clearance to enter the traffic pattern?

In one video, I saw a Cessna that got its instructions to enter the pattern along with landing clearance, but I saw another where the pilot just flew in and got clearance somewhere around late-...
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Where does one request a VFR transition route through class B?

Other than staying outside class B until being cleared in, is the point where one requests a transition route important? For example, the SFO B coastline transition is shown as starting up at San ...
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What is the correct phraseology for changing the runway of a landing clearance?

In the liveATC clip on this YouTube video, an American Airlines 767 arriving at SFO (San Francisco International) had been cleared to land on 28R, but, apparently while already on final, was told to ...
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How late can a landing clearance be given?

I regularly fly VFR in an (EASA-) airport where the tower is sometimes rather busy and the frequency full which led a few times to me receiving landing clearances as late as 10-20ft AGL above the ...
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Does a request for a Pop-Up IFR clearance constitute filing a flight plan?

Introduction Pop-up IFR clearances are an accepted way to transition from VFR to IFR flight by obtaining an IFR clearance. They are well documented from a controller's perspective in this Tarrance ...
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What IFR clearances may a pilot obtain from ATC directly without a pre-filed flight plan with FSS?

I have known two types IFR clearance that a pilot may request with flight plan filing. Pop-up clearance: A pilot on VFR requests an IFR clearance to destination airport. ATC grants a clearance on a ...
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Why was this helicopter denied entry to Class B airspace?

This question is somewhat related to this other one. I listened to this exchange between a helicopter and Newark. The helicopter wants to land at Newark. The controller tells the helicopter to ...
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When can I proceed inbound in a hold in lieu of a procedure turn when cleared for the approach?

Let’s say I am holding on a published hold in lieu of a procedure turn but not yet cleared for the approach. Upon receiving approach clearance (say on the outbound leg of the hold) would I have to ...
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What is the 'Downstream Clearance?'

Downstream clearance means a clearance issued to an aircraft by an air traffic control unit that is not the current controlling authority of that aircraft; but I don't get it so well. Thanks in ...
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