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How do you clean B737 Wheel Wells?

just wondering, is there any tools used to clean main/nose landing gear bay? I was thinking some machine with steam water or hot water high pressure and solvents. wondering what is the best cleaning ...
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Should the helicopter be washed after any sea mission?

I was seeing this image: The caption of this image says (source): Here a Belgian NH90 NFH returning after a flight over sea. The helicopter is washed by the fire brigade to remove the salt water... ...
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How (often) are jet engines cleaned?

In the on-board magazine of my today's flight, there was a report on how fuel efficient the airline flies. They accomplish this by new scitimar winglets, daily optimized route planning, and regular ...
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How frequently are airplane windows cleaned?

When you’re driving on the highway, after sometime unwanted insects and dirt accumulate on your windshield. When you stop over at a gas station, you might clean it off. It’s likely the case for ...
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Is there any regulation on how often a private aircraft should be washed?

Is there any regulation on how often a private aircraft, such as a Cessna, should be washed?
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How often is the exterior of airliners cleaned?

Do airlines such as American Airlines or Emirates clean their planes regularly? If so, how regularly? After every flight or at scheduled maintenance points? How long does this activity take? Do they ...
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Is there any FAA Regulation who may wash a private aircraft such as Cessna Skyhawk or Citation?

Should it be mandatory to hire a mechanic? or someone else with any kind of FAA license? or could anyone wash one?
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How to safely wash a Nomex flight suit?

Flight suits made of Nomex are flame retardant, which is important for flying some kinds of aircraft. However, they're not oil, dirt, or sweat retardant, so sooner or later they need a wash - a wash ...
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