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Questions tagged [class-f-airspace]

Mostly-uncontrolled airspace (flights do not need clearance from air traffic control), where ATC keeps aircraft away from each other where possible, but all pilots still need to "see and avoid" nearby traffic. Many countries do not use this airspace class.

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5 votes
1 answer

Is separation provided in class F airspace?

According to the Wikipedia page on different airspace classes, separation is provided for IFR/SVFR to other IFR/SVFR in class F airspace. In ICAO Annex 11 from 2018 (p.36 in the pdf file), I can't ...
34 votes
5 answers

What is Class F airspace, and why is it not used in the US?

I've read that ICAO defines Class F airspace but the FAA has chosen not to use the airspace class in the US. What is the ICAO definition of Class F airspace and how does it differ from other airspace ...