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Class B airspace is controlled airspace where both Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) and Visual Flight Rules (VFR) flights are permitted. Air Traffic Control will provide separation services to all flights in class B airspace.

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I just flew into class B airspace without a clearance, what should I do now?

Hypothetical: Let's say (for whatever reason) a pilot became distracted or disorientated, and found themselves in class B airspace. What steps should they take immediately and after landing to be ...
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Why does Class D overlap class B around SeaTac? ...and other Seattle Bravo airspace strangeness

I noticed KBFI's class delta overlaps SeaTac's bravo by 500 to 700 feet. Does anyone know which tower the overlapping airspace belongs to? Does it classify as Bravo airspace and do you need to hear ...
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How do I "sightsee" in a class Bravo airspace?

There are some good sights to see inside of class Bravo airspace. What is the best way to plan and communicate to ATC that my intention is to fly into the airspace to see some specific landmarks?
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Why does entry into Class B specifically require clearance?

Entering Class B airspace requires an explicit clearance. Entering Class C or Class D airspace requires only establishing two-way communications, upon which the pilot can still be explicitly refused ...
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Is an ultralight aircraft allowed to fly near Class B airspace?

May an ultralight vehicle operating under FAR part 103 operate within Class G and E airspace while within the mode C veil surrounding a Class B airport? Quoting directly from Title 14 CFR 91.1 ...
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What is a counseling session with the FSDO/FAA?

I just flew into Bravo unintentionally 48 hours ago. My error: I thought I was 1,500 feet above the ceiling, but I was 1,000 feet below it. Furthermore, I had an incorrect frequency for Approach, and ...
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What is this strange cutout in Class B of Kansas City International Airport?

To the Northwest of the KMCI Class B airspace, there is a strange cut out in SFC/80 airspace, which I highlighted at this link (and shown in picture below): highlighted in purple - Image Source: www....
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What is it like flying in class B airspace?

I'm a student pilot at a class C airport in the USA. Last weekend I did pattern work. Mostly touch and goes, but it was busy and my approaches were less than perfect so there were some go arounds and ...
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Why does a pilot want to hold a Squawk Code when leaving Class B airspace?

I was listening to liveATC today... Controller clears this guy into the class B for a transition and throws him a code. Some time passes and the pilot has now transitioned the bravo and is leaving the ...
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Why was this helicopter denied entry to Class B airspace?

This question is somewhat related to this other one. I listened to this exchange between a helicopter and Newark. The helicopter wants to land at Newark. The controller tells the helicopter to ...
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What does "Clear Of Clouds" mean in reference to Class B Airspace in the United States?

Does "clear of clouds" mean you cannot touch a cloud or does it mean that that Class B airspace must not have any clouds in it?
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When is a transponder required below class B airspace?

I just wanted to clear up questions I have about flying within the 30 mile veil of Class B. My understanding is that the Class B is the inverted wedding cake, having tiers as the airspace moves ...
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How is US Class B airspace enforced in Canada?

Detroit, MI is the center of Class B airspace, however a good portion of that airspace within the inverted wedding cake is in Canada. What are the mechanisms that allow US to define Class B airspace ...
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