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A device which interrupts an electrical circuit when the current is higher than a predefined value, to prevent overheating and damage.

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Why might using flaps trip the breaker on a Cessna 172G?

Why does the breaker keep tripping when I try to use the flaps in my 1965 Cessna 172G? It’s a 15 amp breaker. After I reset the breaker, the flaps will go up but then the breaker trips when ...
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C172 alternator field circuit breaker(5a) vs alternator pull off circuit breaker(55a)

what’s the different with alt circuit breakers between 5a vs 55a?? If alt field circuit breaker pops out does that mean alternator is not producing electricity? And if al current circuit breaker(55a) ...
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Why do the DC-9’s three-phase electrical systems use separate, unconnected breakers for each phase?

Aircraft electrical systems use two types of electricity: Direct current (DC),1 which always travels in the same direction (can be supplied directly from the aircraft’s battery, if necessary, but ...
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How do you disable plane AI when the plane goes crazy? [duplicate]

This came to my mind when I learned 737 MAX crash was caused by the AOA indicators giving faulty info to the AI which crashed the plane. So how do you completely disable the flight computer when it ...
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What are the "Start & Acc" and "Pitch stab" circuit breakers for on the Piper Dakota?

I am learning to fly a piper dakota and I found two circuit breakers for which I can't find an explanation: Start & Acc circuit breaker. I understand that 'Start' is for the starter. What does '...
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How do virtual circuit breakers work?

In AW189, B787 and few other aircraft/helicopter, the physical breaker has been replaced by virtual breaker, which can be controlled by the MFD (Multi-Function Display). I tried to google the answer, ...
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What is the meaing of the circuit breaker marking "Audio/Mkr" in a PA-28-181?

On the PA-28-181 that I fly, there's a circuit breaker called Audio/Mkr. What is that? In the aircraft, there's also a dual GNS430 if that makes it any more specific. I was thinking it could be ...
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Where are the circuit breakers on the 787?

(787 left, 777 right) Normally found aft of the overhead panel, where are they on the Boeing 787?
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What crash does FAA SAIB CE-10-11 refer to?

The Federal Aviation Administration released Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin CE-10-11 on December 23, 2009 advising pilots of what procedures to use when resetting tripped circuit breakers. ...
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Is collaring a circuit breaker considered deactivation by the FAA?

Let's say you discover that your landing light is inoperable during the preflight. Your aircraft doesn't have a MEL, so you follow 14 CFR §91.213(d). Assuming you do everything else required (placard, ...
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