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Are you required to have constant view of the runway when circling?

When you're circling, it has been said that you are required to keep view of the runway at all times below the MDA. However, sometimes this can be impossible due to issues with visibility, such as ...
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When conducting a circling approach, how close do you have to stay to the airport (especially with the new FAA requirements)?

I heard that the FAA recently changed how they calculate the protected area for circling approaches, and it looked quite complicated because it changes based on altitude and speed, etc. Can you ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Is it allowed to fly a right traffic pattern when a left traffic pattern is published (IFR)?

Allentown Queen City airport (XLL) has a VOR-B Circling approach procedure from the west. Circling south of runways 7/25 is not authorized ("NA"). If the wind is favoring runway 25 is it legal to ...
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How is the VOR-A approach at KVCB meant to be flown?

This is the VOR-A approach into KVCB: The plate indicates that "Circling NA west of Rwy 2-20." But runway 2 is left traffic and runway 20 is right traffic. How is one meant to avoid the ...
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