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What (if any) is the fastest way to make money with a pilot's license (without being full time employed)?

I'm in the USA, and I was considering getting a pilots license with the idea that I could have like a small charter plane and make some money. However, I learned that after getting the 'initial' ...
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Privately owned charter planes or jets flight naming conventions

Do privately owned charter planes and jets require a mandatory three digit or four digit flight number with a flight naming convention similar to Commercial airlines carriers following IATA or ICAO ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How does a small charter operator determine where the centre of gravity is for a given flight?

I was reading an account of the 2001 crash of a charter aircraft carrying the singer Aaliyah and her companions. Within it there's a summary of the investigation by the NTSB which includes the text '...
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Tracking freighter and charter planes between two specified airports [duplicate]

Is there a way to find the historical data of the freighter and charter planes between two airports
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Why are private jets more expensive to travel in than commercial aircraft?

I am not sure if this is the right site for a question that asks about the economics of aviation rather than the technical aspects of it, but I couldn't find any other stack exchange site so I am ...
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When is an aircraft considered dispatched?

When is an aircraft considered to be dispatched? Before an aircraft is dispatched certain pieces of equipment must be operational on an aircraft. If some equipment is found to be inoperative, a ...
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