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Certified Flight Instructor, allowed to provide flight instruction for other pilots.

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How many FAA-Certified Flight Instructors Hold a Gold Seal?

About how many, and approximately what percent of the instructors who are certified under the FAA hold a gold seal on their CFI certificate? How many not including expired certificates capable of ...
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Where can I find the NTSB order for Administrator v. Walkup and/or v. Hamre?

In a footnote to Administrator v Strobel, the NTSB states: Our precedent makes clear that, “[r]egardless of who is manipulating the controls of the aircraft during an instructional flight, or ...
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Should I add or subtract PA when calculating performance

I am planning a cross country and I wanted to know how would I calculate my PA for performance. If the elevation of my airport is 16ft and the altimeter setting for the day is 30.03 I subtract 30.03 -...
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