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Certified Flight Instructor, allowed to provide flight instruction for other pilots.

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Is there a downside to trying multiple flight instructors?

My local airport has a Part 61 flight school and gives students the option of selecting among three Certified Flight Instructors. Farhan and others have posted excellent explanations of ...
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How do I log simulator time in my logbook as a CFI?

I'm a CFII at a 141 flight school, and when I give instrument instruction in our AATD flight simulator I'm kind of confused on how to log it. Should I log "As Flight Instructor" time even though it's ...
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Which refers to CFI renewal based on pass rate, "activities" or "duties and responsibilities"?

It's that time again, gotta re-up my CFI. I always forget when I'm filling out IACRA whether CFI renewals (in the United States) based on student pass rate percentage are considered "activites" or "...
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Can a MEI CFI give a valid flight review in a plane for which he is not endorsed?

A friend of mine is working towards his initial CFI. I'm helping him work through regulatory, weather, and other knowledge stuff when time permits. During our most recent ground session he asked me ...
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