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McCauley propeller models IC235/LFA7570 and IA170E/JHA7660

I am writing to inquire about the pitch specifications for the following McCauley propeller models: IC235/LFA7570 with a maximum diameter of 75 inches and minimum diameter of 74 inches. IA170E/...
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1 answer

What are the Cessna 172 carburetor icing chart data points?

I am looking for the polynomial equations (functions) for each of the curved lines. I have been looking online and I am unable to find the formulas and the data points for this chart (Cessna 172). I ...
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1 answer

What's this fuel line for?

Cessna 414 ram conversion What's this fuel line for that is coming to injector, other then the one from fuel distributor?
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Cessna 150 Battery master switches off when ignition switched on

We have a Cessna 150 with an electrical fault. When you switch the ignigtion switch to the both magneto position, electrical power is lost. Switch the ignition switch back to either the left or right ...
6 votes
2 answers

Why might using flaps trip the breaker on a Cessna 172G?

Why does the breaker keep tripping when I try to use the flaps in my 1965 Cessna 172G? It’s a 15 amp breaker. After I reset the breaker, the flaps will go up but then the breaker trips when ...
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1 answer

What's this part on the inner part of the wing on a Cessna 152 - opposite of the thermometer?

Trying to figure out what this part is. Sorry for the dark pic, was simming in bad weather.
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1 answer

What is meant with "ultraviolet instrument lights" in the POH of a Cessna 310B?

In the POH of the Cessna 310B, two "ultraviolet lights" mounted in the overhead panel and lighting the instrument panel are described. They have starter buttons, to turn them back off the ...