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The Cessna Citation name is used for Cessna's range of light business jets

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TEB-NAS Midsize Jet max weight

We have hours with Sentient Jet and typically fly their Midsize jets -- Hawker 800, Citation XLS, Lear 60 etc. Usually only the XLS will work for us due to large luggage. Can someone help with me with ...
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Are winglets symmetric airfoils? (Cessna Citation M2)

I want to simulate the Cessna citation M2 in XFLR as a student homework assignment. This aircraft has a NASA high-speed 0213 airfoil (which is not symmetric) and a winglet, which can be seen in the ...
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Is there any significance to the flap design on some Cessna citations?

In some business jets, I've noticed that the flaps seem to be split into sections. Here is one example on Cessna citation As you can see, the flaps are split into three sections. The Embraer Phenom ...
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What are those white things on the windshields of most Citation jets?

What are those white things on the windshield of most citation jets? Does it have to do with rain?
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Strange C560 flight over the Netherlands - circling and extreme variations in altitude. Possible reconaissance or military?

Last night around 24.00 I noticed a plane flying very low over my house. Intrigued, I tracked the flight on FlightRadar and went digging for records. It turned out to be Cessna 560 Citation Encore+, ...
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What is that wing device that looks like a mini-spoiler on the CJ3?

The Cessna Citation CJ3 (model 525B) has that device circled below, what is it? Source: I initially saw it as a mid-chord fixed spoiler-like device. As @programagor commented, ...
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What are the difficulties in building transonic airliners?

If the sonic boom is an issue, why don't we build airliners that are capable of flying just below Mach 1? Big airliners fly at Mach 0.85 at most, and the record for current sub-/transonic civilian ...
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How long does it take to refuel a Cessna Citation X+?

Does anyone have any sources that can tell the the number of fueling nozzles and the fueling rate for a Cessna Citation X+ or a Cessna Citation X?
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Is it possible for a Citation Jet not to have an APU or AIR COND?

In reviewing a number of CESCOM10 reports it has become apparent that some of the aircraft don't report APU hours (instead they report AIR COND). Is it possible that a Citation Jet doesn't have an ...
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What are the options for installing ADS-B OUT in a Cessna Citation to meet the regulations?

So I have a friend that works for a company that owns a Cessna Citation. His company is looking to comply with the ADS-B regulations. He has been given the task of making a business case for actually ...
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How can the CVR from a Cessna 560XL only contain old records and none from the fatal accident?

Is it possible that the CVR from a Cessna 560XL is just showing old records and nothing from the fatal accident when the plane crashed? I´m talking about the airplane crash in Brazil, where a ...
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