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The Cessna 208 Caravan is a single-engine turboprop aircraft that seats up to 14 passengers

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Cessna 208B Caravan various emergencies

looking for help from some experienced Caravan pilots. So for the 208B Caravan we have our emergency checklist, which for engine failure tells us to power idle prop feather and fuel lever to idle and ...
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Were cargo pods ever fitted to the original Cessna Caravan?

Cargo pods are available on the Grand Caravan (C208B and EX), as shown here: Image source I'm trying to determine if cargo pods are (were?) fitted to the original (non-Grand) Caravan, either by the ...
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How did the unpressurized Cessna Grand Caravan fly at 43,000 ft? [closed]

Recently I've seen a Cessna 208 Grand Caravan flying as high as 43,000 ft MSL on flightradar24. Perhaps it's still in the air if you look over eastern Canada (the Grand Caravan has a unique shape from ...
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How does a C208B's climate control system that utilizes bleed air for cabin heat work?

I'm studying the systems on my first turbine-engine aircraft, specifically, a C208B. I know that there is "bleed air heat" that mixes with re-circulated cabin-air. I know that the bleed air ...
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What's up with the long exhaust stack I saw on a Cessna Caravan?

Our local airport is regularly visited by Cessna caravans flying cargo. This week I saw one parked outside the FBO building that had its exhaust stack bent down to lead under the cowling, where it was ...
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Why does the Cessna 208 Amphibian have extra tail surfaces?

Mark Harkin, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons I've seen extra tail surfaces that look like additional vertical stabilizers on the C208 Amphibian. Why is there a need for this? I can't imagine that ...
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Does the Cessna 208B still require a part 23 waiver to operate with 14 seats?

The selected answer to this question refers to the applicability of part 23 to aircraft of nine passengers or less. Other countries certified the 208B with as many as fourteen passenger seats, using a ...
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What is a typical compression ratio in light turboprop aircraft propellers? [closed]

Does anyone happen to know a rough estimate of a typical light turboprop aircraft propeller's compression ratio? Something with 6-12 seats like a Cessna Caravan or Piper Malibu. Doesn't need to be ...
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How much runway does an amphibious Cessna Caravan require for VFR part 135 operations?

I am trying to determine the length required for us to build a simple paved runway for a Cessna Grand Caravan EX Amphibian to depart for water landings and and return (VFR/VMC only, Part 135). ...
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Are the vortex generators on the Cessna Caravan necessary and sufficient for safety of flight?

I've been doing some reading about the C208B (Cessna Caravan) in prep for my new job flying cargo; I came across this article which (as far as I can tell) is a transcription of litigation surrounding ...
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What are the differences between C208 versions?

I am aware of a few versions of C208: C208 Caravan C208 Grand Caravan C208 Grand Caravan Amphibian Amphibian has pantoons with retractable landing gears, but what is the difference between ...
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Do I need a waiver to operate a C208B with more than 9 passengers? [duplicate]

Do I need a FAR Part 23 waiver for more than 9 passengers if I'm operating a Cessna 208B Grand Caravan under part 91?
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What is the history of this specific Cessna propeller (s/n F2430)?

Hoping someone can help... I'm looking to get some information about a Cessna plane propeller my Fiancé recently bought. It's his birthday coming up and it would be great to have any sort of history, ...
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Why is the main landing gear of the Cessna Caravan placed so far forward?

Why is it that the rear landing gear of the Caravan is placed so far forward? I understand that the center of gravity must lie somewhere in the middle between the nose gear and the rear gear but ...
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Was the Cessna 208 developed to meet Fedex's requirements?

I remember hearing or reading somewhere that the Cessna Caravan was developed because Fedex had issued an RFP for a light aircraft to carry cargo on shorter routes and to unimproved airstrips. ...
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Why might a Cessna 208 need a FAR Part 23 waiver?

The capacity of the Cessna 208 is stated as 9 passengers, or up to 14 with a FAR Part 23 waiver. FAR Part 23 states that it applies to any aircraft with "more than 10 occupants and that is intended ...
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