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The Cessna 172 Skyhawk is a four-seat light aircraft, very commonly used in flight training

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What is the safe separation for landing a Cessna-172 behind a commercial airline jet?

When is it safe to land a Cessna-172 after a commercial airline jet has landed?
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Is the standby altimeter required for day VFR flight in a C172 Nav III?

I am very confused about whether the standby altimeter is required for day VFR flight: the KOEL (Kinds of Operations Equipment List) says “0” for day VFR but “1” for day IFR, while the equipment list ...
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What could cause uneven fuel levels in a Cessna 172?

I went for a 1.5 hour flight in a 1977 Cessna 172N, with several takeoffs and landings. I was alone. When I left, I had 18 gallons in each tank. When I arrived back, I had 15 gallons in the left tank, ...
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Is it possible to install a bike rack on a Cessna 172?

I stumbled upon a nice photo manipulation on Source My question is short and concise: Is it practically possible to do that? Is it okay in terms of aerodynamics, weight, CG? ...
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Why does the lack of a magneto affect engine RPM?

So I don't have my pilots licence, but I was part of the Australian Air Force Cadets for nearly 8 years (wonderful organisation). During this time I went on a number of flights in Cessna 172's and ...
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Is it illegal to fly a Cessna 172S under day VFR with an inoperative vacuum gauge?

Let's say my vacuum gauge is not working on my C172S and I want to go day VFR flying. There is no MEL. 14 CFR 91.213 details procedures for inoperative instruments, and I think the following ...
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Can you identify this antenna on a Cessna 172N?

Does anybody know what this antenna is used for? I suspect a glideslope antenna but I am not totally sure.
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Why buy an new plane or an helicopter? [closed]

This really keeps coming to my head. A brand new 172SP costs a quarter million while a older one (10 years older or a little bit older) costs for less than 100.000 Dollars and the only visible ...
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What happens if you exceed the maximum speed on a C172?

The airspeed indicator has a red marking that means: "never exceed this speed" ($V_{NE}$, around 160 KIAS). Why can't you exceed that speed?
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What prevents a small plane like a Cessna or Piper from flying as high as a jet?

Obviously taking oxygen in consideration. What prevents a small plane from being able to fly at a much higher altitude? I know some business jets can fly up to 40,000 ft. Does it have to do with the ...
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Why did Cessna get rid of manual flaps in their 172?

At the club I fly at, there is an older Cessna 172 that has a manual "Johnson Bar" that is used to put the flaps down. In the newer 152, and I believe the rest of the planes (I have yet to fly them), ...
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How much physical strength is required to control a Cessna 172?

I have heard a number of folks tell me that one needs a certain amount of physical strength to be able to control the Cessna 172. Is that true? I'm flying sims now, just wanted to know.
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What is a Cessna 172's maximum altitude?

What is the maximum altitude at which a Cessna 172 can fly?
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Why not always take off with 10 degree flaps in a Cessna 172?

10 degree flaps increase our lift, reduce stall speed, reduce ground roll. Seems like all advantages with no disadvantages. So why does the Cessna 172 POH say normal take off is 0-10 degree flaps? Why ...
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Is there anything extra required to spin a Cessna 172 in the Utility category?

I'm trying to find a suitable aircraft to get my spin endorsement for my CFI rating but am running into trouble with most aerobatic aircraft due to my height (too tall). My last thought is that I ...
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Could this "Wingless Dodo" fly in real life?

There is a wingless Cessna in GTA 3 that is so impossible to fly that the game counts how many seconds you manage to fly it. Would that plane fly at least 1 second in real life? The plane looks like ...
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What is the best method to time your round out or flare in Cessna 172?

I am a student pilot and I usually round out too high and I am not sure why. Can somebody guide me how to make decision whether I am too high or not.
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Cessna 172/182: Should I set the tank selector to the R.H. tank after parking the airplane?

The single-engine Cessna 172 and 182 aircraft models have a dual gravity-fed fuel system, where you can draw from both the LH and RH tank simultaneously in flight. I've heard it said that when you ...
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How do I keep a C172 straight on the centerline during landing/rollout?

During rollout upon touching down, I'd often find myself veering off the runway centreline to the left. Every time I input rudder, I have this feeling that I am getting pulled out of the turn (while ...
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How can I know if a landing exceeds the hard landing threshold for a Cessna 172S?

How does a pilot determine the difference between a firm landing, and one that needs to be written up for a hard landing inspection in a Cessna 172S?
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What are the landing stall speeds of a Cessna 172?

I understood from Why is stall speed listed in a POH? that the Cessna Skyhawk POH lists stall speeds for specific conditions due to a lack of AoA indicator. However, what's unclear to me is what the ...
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Why are some fuel-injected engines started with the mixture at idle cut-off?

The POH for a C172N with a carbureted Lycoming O-320 says: STARTING ENGINE Mixture -- RICH Carburetor Heat -- COLD Master Switch -- ON Prime -- AS REQUIRED Throttle -- OPEN 1/8 INCH ...
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How much rudder input does a Cessna 172 require during the take off roll?

I am part of an open-source project developing a simulation of a Cessna 172P. We are tweaking our flight dynamic model at the moment and we are looking for feedback from people with real life ...
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Is there a maximum airfield elevation in which a Cessna 172P can operate?

The title says it all: is there a maximum airfield elevation in which a Cessna 172P can operate? Or a maximum density altitude at which take off shouldn't be considered?
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Long pole on the tail of a Cessna, what could it be?

I live just near the finals for our local airport. Today while in the backyard I saw a Cessna fly overhead for landing, it was a tricycle gear and looked like a 150/152, but may have been a 172. There ...
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How do I use the takeoff and landing distance charts in the C172 POH?

Can anyone explain how to calculate takeoff and landing distances using the chart for C172s, and please give me an example?
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What are the Autopilot Minimums for a C-172 G1000?

(GA Pilot) On a C-172 (G1000 Avionics), what would be the AutoPilot minimums OR at what altitude would one need to disengage the auto-pilot and take controls for: 1) Precision Approaches 2) Non-...
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Which way (if at all) do the ailerons need to be deflected in a full-rudder sideslip in a Cessna 152 or 172?

Do you typically have to maintain an aileron deflection in a constant-heading full-rudder sideslip in a Cessna 152 or 172? If so, in which direction? And why -- what is the source of the roll torque ...
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Is there an actual rated thrust for a Cessna 172 engine at takeoff power?

I could approximate the thrust by knowing the weight of my aircraft and timing the acceleration to takeoff speed, but I think that would be a little dangerous of me as well as only an approximation ...
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