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When carburettor heat knob is partially open, is the primary air filter closed fully or partially?

I know that when the carburetor heat knob is fully opened, the primary air filter is closed. But what happens to the primary filter when carburettor heat is partially open? Is the primary filter ...
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Why is carb icing an issue in aircraft when it is not an issue in a land vehicle?

As far as I know, the mechanics and physics of an aircraft carburetor are the same as those of an automobile carb. (If I'm wrong, there is no basis for this question.) Aircraft carbs are provided with ...
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Why does engine temperature rise upon applying carburetor heat?

When carb heat is applied, the mixture enriches due to hotter and less-dense air mixing with the fuel. But a richer mixture has the side effect of cooling the engine down. So why does carb heat cause ...
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Why does using carburetor heat increase fuel consumption?

As written above, why does using carburetor heat increase fuel consumption? Because I found such information in a few SOPs for piston airplanes and I do not understand why does it happen
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Why do we check Idle operation with carb heat on during a Cessna 172 run-up?

I understand this is to “check our engine is still operating at idle”, but can someone explain this more in depth? Like why wouldn’t it?
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C-152 carb heat on before landing in hot weather?

I know the POH for the C-152 explicitly states carb heat should be applied before landing. I fly in a tropical country where temperature is at 30°C on average on the ground, twice the standard temp. ...
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Carburetor Heat Required on Carburetor equipped GA aircraft?

Is Carburetor Heat Required (by FAA Certification regulations) on Carburetor equipped GA aircraft? If not, what (if any) certified carburetor-equipped GA aircraft do NOT have Carburetor Heat installed ...
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Carb Heat and Lycoming Engines

Why is Carb Heat less of an issue on Lycoming Engines? and if this is true, how much less of an issue is it?
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