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What are the white tubes underneath the Canopy of the F-22 Raptor?

I was looking at the Raptor and noticed the white looking tubes underneath the canopy. Do the tubes have a purpose? If so what is the purpose/function of the tubes? Are there any other aircraft with ...
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Do F-22 Raptors have different chemical colored coatings on the canopy?

Today I saw an image of a couple of Raptors parked at Spangdahelm AFB and I noticed that one of the Raptors in the image had Golden-tinted canopy glass while the other one had orange-tinted Canopy ...
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Is there a procedure for canopy static discharge before the pilot egresses from the cockpit?

Is there a procedure for canopy static discharge before the pilot egresses from the cockpit?
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Why are some US fighters' canopies tinted while others are not? [duplicate]

Ok, I'm sure we've all seen how some particular US fighters have tinted glass canopies (I'm not sure what you would refer to the glass as), while others do not. Looking at the currently in-service ...
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How are composite aircraft canopies constructed that sit flush with the fuselage?

More specifically, how is the composite frame of the canopy manufactured? Attached picture as an example.
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Why does the F-16 canopy have a K-shaped 'latch'?

Why is the F-16 canopy latch (the yellow painted part) shaped like a K? It's a very funky shape, and I'm wondering if that functions as more than just a latch.
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Where can I find a video about making F-16 jet fighter canopies?

I'm searching for a video of the manufacturing process for an F-16 jet fighter canopy. Can anybody help me? Does anybody know where these canopies are manufactured?
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18 votes
2 answers

Why are these carrier aircraft landing with the canopy open?

I was reading this answer here Aviation.SE, which includes the following video of multiple F7U-3 Cutlasses landing aboard the USS Hancock in 1955 (warning, video includes footage of a fatal rampstrike)...
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Do some aircraft windshields contain gold particles? [duplicate]

I've heard that the windshields of some aircraft have gold particles, but I don't know why?
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Swing-up canopy not shut in high-speed flight, what would happen?

What would happen to a canopy like that on the Eurofighter Typhoon that swings up if it wasn't shut properly and the plane was going at high speeds, would the canopy blow back open?
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Do any aircraft windshields have anti-reflective coatings?

Anti-reflective coatings are used in many applications to reduce glare and prevent double images. Double images in particular are a concern because of the several layers involved in a cockpit window. ...
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Why does the canopy of the F-22 Raptor have a golden tinge? [duplicate]

Why is gold used in the canopy of the F-22 Raptor?
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What kinds of materials are used for fighter jets' glass windshields?

What kinds of materials are used for fighter jets' windshield glass, and are they different from what they use for commercial jets?
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What are these wavy lines on fighters' canopy?

As shown in the images below, what are these wavy lines on the canopy of the aircraft? Do these lines have any utility? These are mostly captured in videos of cockpit views of carrier-based aircraft.
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