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Identifying WWII reconnaissance plane wing

Between 1944 and 1945, a US Photo Reconnaissance Squadron or (or something alike) did a survey of the whole Chilean territory using the Trimetrogon camera system (228 rolls of film and about 49.000 ...
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Why didn't the airlines try to start copying SpaceX by putting camera on the outer body of the airplane? [closed]

This week my country Indonesia just had an Airplane crash accident Sriwijaya Air SJ182. I'm getting sick with people speculating why or how the plane crashed. Well, we can wait for the black box ...
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What are the laws on photographing aircraft in Australia?

Are there any types of aircraft that I am forbidden from photographing aircraft. (Australian aircraft, primarily) in Australia? Are there regulations on what I do with the photographs I take? I assume ...
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In WW2 aircraft, where were gun cameras mounted, and did they suffer performance penalties?

During WW2, some aircraft had gun cameras that activated whenever the guns fired, so that people on the ground could evaluate performance and help with kill ratios and other statistics. These were ...
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Are there surveillance cameras in aircraft cargo bays?

I've heard that there are cameras on the fuselage and wings of some passenger aircraft. Is there a similar surveillance system in-built at the cargo bay/compartment of a passenger aircraft? During ...
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What kind of cameras are onboard high altitude UAVs that aid in its control?

I ask this question in the context of people flying their drones much higher than the usual hobby planes. Satellite based GPS navigated Autopilots using photogrammetry and/ or military drones. What ...
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Windowless VS windowed aircraft [duplicate]

While Emirates was showing off its triple seven's ability to provide crystal-clear viewing from virtual windows, it mentioned: "that could be a step to windowless aircraft", and I felt like ...
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How do I mount an iPhone X in the cockpit to record flights, as a student pilot? [duplicate]

I'm a student pilot and would like to mount my iPhone X in the cockpit to record my flights. Don't want to get an extra GoPro. However all the mounts I've seen online are designed for iPhone 6 or ...
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Where is the camera in the A320?

On the A320 family there are circuit breaker panels in the cabin between the exits. On the 2000VU panel there is a "camera" circuit breaker (C5 position): Top: Source -- Bottom: A320 CCOM p165 -- ...
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Have crash investigators ever used pilot cameras to help find the cause of a GA crash?

With video cameras being completely ubiquitous and GoPro cameras able to be mounted pretty much anywhere, lots of GA pilots now like to make videos of their own flights. A passenger's cell phone video ...
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Does installing a PTZ dome camera outside the aircraft violate any FAA rules?

I want to install a big PTZ camera at the exterior of the plane like A380 which can give the pilot a clear view while landing or taxing. I have gone through a similar question but it doesn't give any ...
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