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Questions tagged [calibration]

Adjusting an instrument to improve the accuracy of measurements.

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3 votes
1 answer

How are airliners AoA-Sensors calibrated?

Airflow around the fuselage is not free, even near the aircraft nose. I assume some correction is applied to the measured angle to get the corresponding freeflow angle. How is the reponse curve for ...
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What may cause a pitot tube and Honeywell pressure sensor calibration inconsistency?

It is possible that my issue is specific to my setup, but I thought I'd try here if someone has experienced a similar issue. I will try to explain this clearly as possible, but it may be slightly ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Are turn rate indicators calibrated to a certain speed? If so, what speed?

Are turn rate indicators calibrated to a certain speed? If they are, what speed are they calibrated to, and why aren't all the turn rate indicators calibrated for the same speed?
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To which reference point on the aircraft is the altimeter reading relative to?

To which point of the aircraft is the altimeter reading referred to? Is it referred to the probe position or is it offset to read as if it was at the bottom of the fuselage or the landing gear? If it ...
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