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Bush flying is aircraft operations to/from uncharted and undeveloped areas, such as tundra, jungle, savanna, etc.

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What to do when an AD is published but your aircraft is nowhere near a maintenance facility?

If an Airworthiness Directive is published for your aircraft which makes it illegal to operate until complied, and your aircraft is sitting in the Alaskan wilderness with the closest facility hours ...
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Is more information available about missionary pilot Nate Saint's backup fuel system described in "Through Gates of Splendor"?

I'm currently reading the book Through Gates of Splendor, and at one point (pages 61-63 in the first edition, about halfway through Chapter 5), it describes a system invented by missionary pilot Nate ...
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Are there any aircraft that are capable (or can be modified) to be bush planes for cargo

Are there any STOL planes that are cargo carrying bush planes? (or can be modified to be bush planes for carrying cargo out of remote areas?). I have clarified my question, based on feedback from the ...
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Why is the Piper PA-23 considered a bush-plane, while the Beech 95 Travel Air is not?

The Beech 95 Travel Air was developed as a direct competitor with the Piper PA-23. The Piper is considered a reasonably ok bush plane, yet the Beech 95 is not commonly seen as a bush plane (I don't ...
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Are there regulations for water skiing in a ASEL aircraft?

What are the regulations regarding water skiing with ASEL aircraft, as in touching your tires down in a particular body of water such as a lake or river? Sometimes referred to hydroplaning.
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How do you check for soft or muddy ground on a backcountry landing?

I've been curious about backcountry landings, but one part of the practice still seems to based more on instinct and experience than on well-explained processes. I've read about making sure the strip ...
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Would biplanes be of use in VSTOL applications? What is the down side to biplanes? ex. Bush Pilots or VSTOL competitions

I feel like bush pilots and VSTOL competition aircraft could use biplanes to work much better. Granted, range and speed are decreased, but besides overall efficiency, what is the down side to biplanes?...
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What are these parts on STOL/bush planes?

I've seen these (note the parts pointed to by the red arrows in the image) on the landing gear struts of Super Cubs and plenty of other STOL bush planes with large tundra tires. It looks like maybe ...
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Where can I find more about a cargo pickup technique that doesn't require landing the plane?

A number of years ago, I read about a technique for cargo pickup and recovery at remote sites using a low-and-slow-flying plane. The plane would enter a slow orbit around a point on the ground and ...
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