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A United States-based multinational corporation that designs, manufactures and sells fixed-wing aircraft, rotorcraft, rockets and satellites.

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Why are there two different throttle designs for the 757 and 767?

There is this one, which seems to be the older version. Notice there is a big gap between each lever, except at the top. And this one. Notice there is almost no gap between each lever, making it ...
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What documentation do Airbus/Boeing supply at initial delivery of an aircraft?

What are the Aircraft Documents supplied by Boeing and/or Airbus at first delivery? Do they supply Form 8130 or Certificates of Compliance for every part? Or is the AIR/ARL all that is supplied?
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Could anyone provide me with the performance charts for Boeing KC-135R Stratotanker?

I am looking for the Long Range Cruise Maximum Operating Altitude performance against the weight of the plane, all engines operating. Would be grateful if someone could point me the way.
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How heavy are the folding wingtips of 777x?

To understand the mass penalty that is induced by a folding wingtips, as a first order approximation we can start with just the wingtip's mass without the actuating mechanism. I could not find the ...
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Is it allowed / legal to produce a Type Rating CBT without the manufacturer's permission?

Pelesys, Navcon, Flyco, CPAT Global - just to name a few companies - all provide and sell various aircraft Computer Based Training Programs. Is it allowed / legal to program and sell products that ...
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How have aerodynamicists improved transonic wing performance over time?

The following two graphs depict improvements in transonic wing technology that have occurred over the past 20-25 years. Both are sourced from Boeing Commercial Aircraft. In essence, both note that ...
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Do the B777x and similar aircraft use ring laser gyros or solid state MEMS gyros?

In new generation aircraft like B777x , B787 or A350 use the IRS system which is present is it based on (Ring Laser or Fibre Optics) gyros or they used Solid state MEMS like which our present in our ...
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Where to find the official specification of Boeing 737-300 fuel consumption rate and such?

I've been doing some work regarding the analysis of boeing 737-300 fuel consumption in commercial flights, and how all of them fare with the fuel consumption standards, like fuel consumption rate at ...
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Where do I get the latest 737NG FCOM?

So, I went online to search for the 737 FCOM, but I can only get the FCOM from 2005. Is there a 2019 version? An updated version?
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Why is the ISOLATION VAVLE switched to OPEN during ENGINE START on Boeing 737?

As the SOP says in Preflight Procedure – First Officer: "ISOLATION VALVE switch – OPEN" In this way, when engine starts, the ISOLATION VALVE is OPEN not AUTO. The PACK valve is switched to ...
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Why are only flaps 5,10,15 recommended in windshear operations during B737-800 takeoff?

During takeoff in a B737-800 when there is predicted wind shear you can only use flaps 5,10 and 15. Why is this? If possible to provide a reference for it.
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