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A twin-engine widebody jetliner produced by Boeing since 2007, typically carrying between 242 and 440 passengers. Notable for being the first Boeing jetliner to utilize composites for a large portion of its structure.

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Why did this flight, that usually flies around 40,000ft only fly at around 29,000ft for the route?

Looking at the flight BY6272 BRS-PMI, it was considerably delayed and flew (according to the flight radar app) at 29,000 feet rather than its usual 40,000 for this same route. It is a Boeing 787 ...
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Is there any information about the Boeing 787 L/N 6 (ex-Mexican Air Force One)?

That Boeing 787 (L/N 6; N787ZA then XC-MEX) is (was) the Mexican Air Force One, and recently there has been some turmoil about if this is was acquired under lease or if it was a full purchase. I was ...
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Why some airliners have autostart and others don't?

So some of the more modern FADEC equiped planes (specifically airliners like the 787) have autostart and will self monitor the engines during startup. The one thing that confused me was how a 747 ...
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Will the new Boeing NMA be 'more electric' than the current B787?

I understand that the B787 is the 'most electric' aircraft to date, however there have been many issues with the plane, and I'm interested in knowing if the latest Boeing New Midsize Aircraft (NMA) - ...
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