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A long-range narrowbody twinjet airliner produced by Boeing from 1981 through 2004.

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Why are there two different throttle designs for the 757 and 767?

There is this one, which seems to be the older version. Notice there is a big gap between each lever, except at the top. And this one. Notice there is almost no gap between each lever, making it ...
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First Boeing 757-200 N757A 'Catfish' was modified with a Canard foreplane. How did it behave?

The aircraft had these changes made around 2006 to act as an F-22 Avionics test bed. One would expect that the fore plane changed many performances of machine, including take off and landing attitude ...
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Boeing 757-200 Fuel Burn

So up front, I'm aware of the high number of aircraft and environmental factors and how oversimplified my request is. After all, there is a reason that the aircraft manufacturers provide charts to ...
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