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A medium-range trijet airliner produced by Boeing from 1962 until 1984.

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Why was the B727 flight engineer referred to as the third crewman

In A Case Study in Aircraft Design: The Boeing 727, published as a retrospective in 1978, the authors repeatedly refer to what would generally be called a flight engineer as the third crewman. This ...
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What do the Boeing 727 airstair tests tell us about D B Cooper?

For the first time in the public domain, the FBI has released one of the technical reports on the Boeing Company’s tests, in March 1964, of the Boeing 727 with the air stairs down in flight. The ...
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How much aluminum was used in the Boeing 727?

What is the weight of aluminum used in the Boeing 727 fuselage? Do you know where I can find it? Any manual or site or something like that?
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Where, exactly, is the Boeing 727's FDR located?

I'm working on a history report and I am trying to find a diagram that shows where the flight data recorder would have been on a Boeing 727 in 1984, specifically for Eastern Airlines. I know the ...
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What is the source of emergency power for a 727?

I've found a couple of sources that state the 727's APU cannot be started while flying, as it draws air from the wheel well. It drew air from inside the wheel well, so it was only for use on the ...
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Did the FAA order the installation of "Cooper vanes?"

On November 24, 1971, a man hijacked a Boeing 727 and parachuted away, never to be found. According to Wikipedia, this prompted (together with 2 other hijackings) the installation of "Cooper vanes" ...
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No available data on the 727-200C [closed]

For a group project in college, it was required to find the data of some randomly asigned aircraft. My group received the Boeing 727-200C, of which only one was produced. Due to this, no one in my ...
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How can a Cessna cut the wing of a Boeing?

I read days before about the collision of the flight PSA Flight 182 on September 25, 1978. I was wondering how is it possible that a Cessna 172 can CUT Boeing's 727-214 wing. There is a video with the ...
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What airfoil type is used on the B727-200F?

What airfoil type is used on the Boeing 727-200F? Is it a NACA profile or something else?
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Was the B727's wing supercritical (even if not so designed)?

The Boeing 727's wing upper surface appears unusually flat, especially at the root (Albeit at an angle). Refer to the images linked below: Flickr Also from Flickr Was the B727'...
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Did DB Cooper's aircraft land safely with the aft stairs open?

I've never seen a 727's aft stairs open, but presumably, based on an Wikipedia image and common sense, they do reach the ground when the aircraft is on the ground. Furthermore, (as I understand it), ...
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