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Questions tagged [blade]

Use for a gas turbine's, propeller's, or rotorcraft's blades

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How do active blades work on helicopters?

Can someone throw some light on 'active blades' as used in helicopters? I'm mostly interested in the use of piezoelectric material and actuators. How are the actuators able to sense the change of ...
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Is there an engine database that would include information on number of HPT blades per engine?

I am attempting to compile information on the number of high-pressure turbine blades across a wide range of turbine engines. Currently, I have only been able to find this information through brut ...
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What is a compressor cascade?

Is a compressor cascade just the representation of the blade ring of an actual turbomachine? What is the difference between linear cascade and annular cascade? A diagram or a reference would be great.
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How to calculate the moment/torque at the center axis of a blade?

How do I calculate the moment/torque at the center axis (same plane with lift and drag force) of a blade with NACA airfoil standard when it is placed inside a wind tunnel or exposed to airflow?
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What causes these losses in this propeller simulation?

While running a CFD simulation comparison of 2 vs 3 blade propeller versions (48" diameter, 23" pitch, 3570RPM), I've come up with: 2-blade: 347N of static thrust @ 110Nm Torque 3-blade: 220N of ...
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XRotor blade angle distribution

My question is about the XRotor definition of the blade angle distribution (beta), which XRotor solves for or requires as input. Is the blade angle on XRotor defined as the angle between the rotation ...
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How many ways/methods to calculate propeller/rotor's power output? Which one is the best?

Source: Wikipedia I want to know how many ways/methods to calculate the output power of a propeller? So far I knew three methods: Momentum Theory (MT), Blade Element Theory (BET), Blade Element ...
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Sensors used on a blade

How to measure the strain, temperature and rotational dynamics on a running engine fan blade? How can you do the experiment?
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Is pitch-flap coupling an aerodynamic effect or an intrinsic property of a delta 3 offset?

I am modelling a propeller, in particularly the equations of motion of the various pitch/lag/flap angles as the propeller is turning around. The blade includes a $\delta_3$ angle, which provides pitch-...
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