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A bird strike is an event where an aircraft impacts a bird.

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How do supersonic warplanes deal with birds?

The Ruppell's Vulture can reach 11 km and can weigh 9kg. The Kori bustard can weigh 18kg. Many warplanes must break the sound barrier within reach of birds, especially on terrain hugging or sea ...
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Tail Number of a particular plane [duplicate]

How to determine the aircraft tail number on a particular flight, using the flight number. I have been advised there was a bird strike on a plane I was supposed to be on, but air stewards told a ...
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Should there be a directive to return to the takeoff runway immediately on a birdstrike at under 4000 ft? [closed]

I live in London and I've wondered what would happen if a Cactus 1549-style birdstrike emergency had happened/were to happen here. We don't have Canada geese in the UK, but I was just wondering ...
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Why do white marks on the spinners in front of engines have different patterns? Not Yellow? Omitted for some models?

In aeroailas' answer I understand that the cones in front of the props/fans are called spinners. In Farhan's answer I understand that the ehite marks painted onto the spinners act less as scarecrows ...
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Why are birds attracted to airports?

Birds are usually around airside. Apart from answering it myself, I am looking for community knowledge on this topic.
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Are gliders susceptible to bird strikes?

Gliders don't travel at the high speeds that make bird strikes so devastating in airliners. However, they are also smaller, lighter and softer, and can still move pretty swiftly. Are they also ...
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Can a protective mesh protect engines from bird strikes? [duplicate]

Can a protective mesh be installed on the front of the engines to stop birds from entering the engine and causing damage?
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How do balloon pilots avoid birdstrikes?

Balloons, by their very nature, are at the mercy of the wind, and can’t maneuver out of the way of other objects except by (very slowly) climbing or descending. For this reason, mid-air collisions ...
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What maintenance actions are required after a bird strike?

Does the SRM or AMM detail what Inspections to do following a bird strike? Do the engineers have to examine the bird remains too and report it to someone?
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Can a bird strike destroy the stealth capability of F-35?

There is a video according to which a F-35 aircraft has been struck by a bird in Israel. This, allegedly, disabled its stealth capability. More than a year earlier, two storks allegedly damaged ...
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Are there any preventive measures against bird strikes while in flight?

Most of the preventive measures for bird strikes are at/around the airport but what are some of the ways that can be used to prevent bird strikes on the plane as it is climbing or in flight?
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Can "a drone" damage the wing of "an aeroplane" to the extent it actually threatens its ability to fly?

I stumbled across this video by the University of Dayton, showcasing the amount of damage a certain type of drone can do to a wing, and they wrote a whole article about it. While most of said article ...
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Why don't jetliners maneuver to avoid a bird strike if spotted in time?

With 75%* of the bird strikes hitting the wings and engines, why isn't there any training to avoid such strikes by banking if a flock was spotted with enough time to react? It seems what Boeing ...
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What is the main materials of the windshield? And how do they function in bird strike? [duplicate]

I would like to know what the latest materials used for civil and military aircraft windshields are. And I wonder if the materials are advantageous in the event of a birdstrike.
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What exactly happened in this bird strike incident?

This Boeing 737 was hit by a bird and continued all the way to its final destination, from Prague to Las Palmas. What actually happened here? Was the incident considered a bird strike or an engine ...
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How serious is an impact like the 10/2017 Delta Airlines suspected bird strike?

Recently, there was an incident where a Delta Airlines charter flight carrying the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team was struck by an "unidentified object". Delta's official statement claims that ...
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What are these engine inlet devices used for?

While looking at the Boeing Chinook CH-47 for this question, I noticed the screens in front of the engines, and found similar devices in other photos: Source: left -- right What are these devices ...
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What is "Bird Strike Speed"?

I read through the reference speeds of the Hawker 850XP and I stumbled upon the "Bird Strike Speed". It is specified as "280 KIAS up to 8000 ft". What does that speed mean?
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Why are bird strikes on approach or landing not as common as on takeoff?

I've heard about lots of bird strike incidents that occured during a takeoff roll or the early phase of takeoff climb but hardly heard of bird strikes on approach or landing. Are bird strikes much ...
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What precautions are taken to avoid bird strikes?

According to this Wikipedia page on bird strike, The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) reported 65,139 bird strikes for 2011-14, and the Federal Aviation Authority counted 177,...
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What's the greatest height at which a bird has collided with an aircraft?

70% of birds fly below 1,500ft, 25% of birds fly between 1,500ft and 15,000ft, and only 5% above 15,000ft. What is the greatest height at which a bird has hit an aircraft? What species was the bird?
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What can happen if a bird strikes the engine during landing?

I am not sure what can happen if a bird strikes an engine during landing. To narrow it down: commercial airliner (B787/A380 etc.) hitting a large bird so engine out is likely.
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Are composite materials, which are being widely used in newer aircraft, better at handling bird strikes?

Do current composite materials handle bird strikes better than their predecessors? Or they are not part of forward-facing components/areas? For example, the Boeing Dreamliner or the Airbus A350-XWB.
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Can bird strikes be dealt with by throttling down engines to idle?

From a related question, I got to thinking about bird strikes again and the fact that they are sucked into the engine at great velocity. If a pilot had 5 to 10 seconds of warning time, would ...
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Would it be viable to install a screen in front of jet intakes to prevent them from sucking in birds?

Why isn't there a protective screen with large diameter holes (approx 2') mounted in front of the jet engine intake to protect the turbine blades? This would keep larger birds and large ground debris ...
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What are the spiral marks in the center of the engines?

When I get a chance to peek inside an engine, I noticed that many have spiral marks painted in the center. What is the purpose of these? Pictures:
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What is the proper procedure after a bird strike in a single engine plane during takeoff?

First, let me set this up and then ask a general question. I'm just trying to give some context as to why I'm asking. I'm working on my private pilot license and was practicing with my PC simulator (...
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Why aren't bird radars placed on the front of commercial aircraft?

Unfortunately, my skills and understanding of radar and the like are very limited, but if somebody could enlighten me why there is no such thing as a dual bird/weather radar to switch to? I've ...
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Is it possible that derated thrust takeoffs are safer than normal takeoffs?

The reason for my arguments here are (assuming that you have sufficient runway distance): That with less thrust, less force should also be required to hold the aircraft as desired, and possibly the ...
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